Oven, washing machine, TV: how much the appliances cost in the bill

Oven, washing machine, TV: how much the appliances cost in the bill

As of October 1, the price of electricity to consumers under the enhanced protection scheme has increased by 59%, an upward adjustment by the Energy, Networks and Environment Regulatory Authority (Arrera) is limited and without its intervention up to 100%.

The price of a kilowatt-hour reached 66 cents, and in October 2021 it was 30 cents, which is about double the 16 cents in 2020.

Facile.it, relying on the consumption declared on energy labels for household appliances, has calculated the higher cost of their use by applying the new tariffs. The results have been published by Prophetspecifying that these are estimates because there are many variables that must be taken into account in order to obtain accurate calculations, including the maintenance status and frequency of use of the devices.

The most curious can rest assured: recharging a smartphone with a 5-watt charger, or standard power, costs 0.3 cents an hour (less than half a cent).

Refrigerator and oven

A 350-liter refrigerator of class A +++ consumes 27 cents of electricity per day, which becomes 92 of energy class B. In the latter case, rounding off, to keep the refrigerator, you need 30 euros per month (350 euros per year).

Cooking food with a Class A+ 70L electric oven costs an average of 46 cents. If it is a class B oven, then you need 0.73 euros. Thus, the total cost varies depending on how often it is used and the type of food being cooked. On top of that, it’s likely a more stressed device during cold seasons than warmer ones.

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Washing machine and air conditioner

Given a 7 kg washing machine of energy class A +++, one hour of use costs 53 euro cents. If it is Class B, the cost will be 88 cents which, according to a rough calculation, translates to an expense of between 90 and 100 euros per year.

A Class A +++ air conditioner costs 40 cents an hour, or 69 cents euros if it’s Energy Class B. Assuming it keeps running for 5 hours a day, especially during the summer months, you’ll have a daily charge of 2 to 3 euros, or 45 euros per day or approximately 60 to 100 euros per month.

TV and wifi router

The calculation was made using a 40-inch Class A++ LED TV as a reference. It costs 3 euro cents for two hours, which is 12 cents for Class B TVs. The estimate, in the case of televisions, is more approximate because consumption varies by inch and power class.

Instead, a Wi-Fi router costs 13 cents per day, so about half a cent per hour, which is calculated on a yearly basis, giving close to 50 euros.

Hair dryer and toaster

Using a 2 kilowatt hair dryer for 10 minutes costs 22 cents. Also in this case, the cost varies on a monthly or yearly basis according to the power of the hair dryer and the frequency of its use.

The toaster is among the least energy-intensive, so much so that heating bread for 5 minutes costs 5 euro cents.

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