Elections in Poland 2023… a victory for Tusk and pro-Europeans, according to opinion polls

Elections in Poland 2023… a victory for Tusk and pro-Europeans, according to opinion polls

Warsaw – At a quarter past nine, the legend of the Polish press, Adam MitchnickHe gloated in the editorial office of the newspaper he founded in the year the Berlin Wall fell. And for Gazeta WyborczaWhich paid the price for its stubborn independence with a torrent of complaints from the outgoing government Law and justiceClear relief. Mitchnik smiles: “In 1989, we Poles were the first to sweep away communism, and now we are the first to sweep away Trumpism. This is the end of Kaczynskiism!

“All results”

The results still need to be taken with caution, but if confirmed, they will be treated with caution Poland He may have truly turned a corner. That’s right, the government party Pace is first (36%). But he does not have enough seats to form a majority. Not even withThe extreme right Confederationwhich takes much less than at the ballot box and stops at 6%. Together, the Law Party and the far right will get 212 seats: at least 230 seats are needed to achieve a majority in the House of Representatives (lower house).

The opposition triumphs over expectations, outperforming even the most optimistic polls Donald Tusk. for him Civil platform According to opinion polls, it is superior 31% (163 seats); there The third way Plural of the 13% (55 seats) and the The new left to’8.6% (30 seats).

The opposition can win 248 seats: A very large majority to rule Poland from now on.

The polls closed at 9 p.m., and after the exit polls there were no forecasts, only partial results, which could arrive during the night.

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Tusk: “The season of populism is over”

The former Prime Minister announced this immediately, from his first speech a few minutes after the publication of the opinion poll results. “This dark age is over, the era of populist law and justice is over,” Tusk said, smiling to his supporters. “Poland won, democracy won.”

competition, Jaroslaw KaczynskiHe doesn’t give up yet. The Invincible Father, Master of Law and Justice, has promised that “we will do everything in our power” to return to power. “The next few days will be full of conflict and tension.”

Elections in Poland: pro-European majority Ko + NI + Td possible

The ball is in the hands of the President of the Republic Andrzej DudaMany in the opposition fear that the PiS leader will side with his party. Tasking him with forming a government and giving him plenty of time to recruit parliamentarians from other parties – including Tierza Via.

But there are those who are betting, after the microphones are turned off, that Duda’s term will end within a year. “He is looking for an international position – says a parliamentarian from the Civic Forum – and I doubt that he will oppose Tusk, knowing that in the end he may have to give him the government job.”

Elections in Poland, towards the highest turnout in Polish history

It also produced a desire for change in Poland Highest turnout ever: 72%. The previous record was set in 1989. In the first semi-free elections after half a century of communism, 62% of voters turned out to vote in order to hasten the end of the regime. The year 1989 was the leitmotif of this fierce election campaign.

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Even at his last rally in Bruscoff, Tusk described voting day as “the most important in our democratic history since 1989.”


What did the polls say before the vote?

In the same hours, the law and justice professor pontificated to the crowds at the recent rally: “These elections will show whether Poland will be governed by the Poles or by Berlin and Brussels.” The Law and Justice Party leader added: “We do not want the screaming and hatred that fills the media and impresses the weakest minds.” But hatred and polarization have been precisely the hallmark of its megalomaniac governments over the past 20 years

In Warsaw, a polling station was established yesterday in the legendary Palace of Culture, located in the city center. Late in the morning, in the long line at the entrance, 20-year-old Bartosz was hopping from foot to foot to beat the cold. “It’s the first time I voted. I chose left because I was tired of always seeing the same faces, those faces.” Donald Tusk And Jaroslaw KaczynskiSince I was a kid, he told us. “Above all, I hope that a Poland torn apart by hatred will end,” he added.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki


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