WHO is sounding the alarm, “risk to children”; Let’s see what they are »ILMETEO.it

WHO is sounding the alarm, “risk to children”;  Let’s see what they are »ILMETEO.it

Contaminated drink: the World Health Organization is sounding the alarm on children; Let’s see what they are

The World Health Organization is sounding the alarm about a contaminated drinkL’World Health Organization, WHOSound the alarm: Some widely used juices have been identified for coughs, colds, and flu Serious danger to children.
alert comes to Two contaminated drinksidentified by the World Health Organization in Uzbekistan. In the alert “No. 1/2023”, On New Year’s Day, published on the organization’s website, they were defined as poor-quality liquid-dose drugs by laboratories.

The two products, as mentioned in the WHO alert note and as I mentioned before SkyTG 24-I drink Ampronol and Doc-1 Max. Analysis of samples of both products, conducted by the National Quality Control Laboratories of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, showed that both products contain unacceptable amounts of Ethylene glycol or ethylene glycolas pollutants. It has also been distributed, through unofficial markets, to other countries or regions.

These are two molecules that are considered toxic to humans and their consumption can lead to death. They can provoke serious injury or deathHow do toxic effects They can include abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, inability to urinate, headache, altered mental status, and acute kidney injury that can lead to death.
WHO called The powers of each country to increase internal surveillance to monitor the potential presence of the product in the marketInform the World Health Organization immediately.

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