A missile on the UNIFIL base. Iran threatens America: “You will receive huge compensation.” Live broadcast

A missile on the UNIFIL base.  Iran threatens America: “You will receive huge compensation.”  Live broadcast

there war In the Middle East, it reaches its ninth day. The warning has expired Israel To civilians in Gaza, where a large-scale ground attack will be developed against them agitation. The plan is ready to be implemented, with more than 300,000 reserve soldiers mobilized on the border with Gaza, but the invasion will occur when residents leave the area. currently Displaced Heading south there will be hundreds of thousands. But this message is contradicted by the opposition of Hamas, which is forcing Gazans to remain in their homes. The Israeli occupation forces showed barriers north of the city on social media, while the head of the Palestinian organization said, Ismail HaniyehHe expressed in a televised speech a categorical “no” to anyThe movement is from the West Bank, not from Gaza, nor from Gaza to Egypt“. The Israeli army was able to neutralize another important leader of the Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip. His name is Moataz Eid He is considered the head of the security team for the southern region.

After his visit to the front yesterday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chaired the first meeting of the emergency government’s cabinet with the opposition National Unity Party. “Hamas thought we would collapse, and we would be the ones to collapse break it“, said the Likud leader. Iran is responding through its Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian, threatening to do so in the event of a coordinated attack on Gaza.”No one can guarantee that the situation is under control And perspective A The scope of the conflict expandswhich would cause Huge damage To the USA. Here are all the updates for today, Sunday, October 15.

Iranian soldiers deployed in Damascus

Members of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (Pasdaran) was to be deployed from the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor to Damascus near reservation between the Syria And Israel. This is what he revealed Wall Street JournalQuoting reports from some Syrian sources. According to one of them, among these fighters will be missile experts. “There is great concern that if war breaks out, there will be a strong need to protect the system“One activist told the magazine.

The White House is carefully monitoring the situation and evaluating the hypothesis of Iran’s “possible direct involvement” in the conflict. “We cannot rule out that Iran will choose to engage directly in some way. We must prepare for all possible possibilitiessaid Jake Sullivan, President Joe Biden’s national security adviser.

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Rockets and attacks: the situation in Lebanon

The Israeli army isolated the area adjacent to the border Lebanon. Access to civilians was blocked up to four kilometers from the border between the two countries after the attack reported this morning. At the same time, a second anti-tank missile was fired from the positions Hizb allah.

The state of Lebanon is responsible for shooting into our landsThis is the comment of Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari.We responded dramatically by destroying Hezbollah positions and the starting point of the attackHe concluded: The Air Force continues its bombing during these hours Helicopters Infrastructure for Lebanese fighters.

Tel Aviv’s Defense Minister, Yoav Galant, admitted that his country has no interest in opening a new zone brow to north. “If Hezbollah avoids direct intervention, the Jewish state will respect the situation along the border as it exists today“said a representative of Netanyahu’s government.

Smoke after an Israeli army bombardment on the village of Aita al-Shaab, near the Lebanese-Israeli border.

Number of deaths in Israel and Palestine

The balance sheet is growing Victims And injured In Israel: the first 1,400 and the second more than 3,000. The Ministry of Health of the Palestinian National Authority reported that the number of martyrs in the Israeli raids since October 7 on Gaza and the West Bank has risen to 2,384. 10,250 wounded.

A senior Hamas leader was killed

The Israeli Air Force launched an airstrike on hundreds of targets belonging to Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza. The Israeli Air Force claims that the supreme commander of Hamas lost his life in the raids Bilal Al-QudraWho led the elite unit responsible for the massacres in kibbutzim Nirim and Nir Oz.

The Pope: My friends are among the victims

There will also be friends and acquaintances Pope Francesco Among the victims of a Hamas attack in Israel. The Pope himself said this in a telephone interview with Israeli journalist Enrique Simmerman. During the phone call with the reporter posted on social media, Francis also expressed his desire to meet the families of the hostages in the Vatican.

Sderot was cleansed

The evacuation of the city of Israel has officially begun SderotNear the Gaza Strip, where the army clashed on October 7 with Hamas members who had infiltrated for several days. “This is not a good time to stay in the city“, explained Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi. Sderot was under missile attack until yesterday.

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The United States moves ships and aircraft into the Mediterranean

The Pentagon decided to transfer The aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower In the eastern Mediterranean, where it will join the USS Gerald Ford, which arrived last Tuesday as a deterrent to possible attacks from Lebanon and Syria. there CNN He writes that too A-10 aircraft They will be deployed with F-15 Strike Eagles that were already deployed in the previous days. “By equipping ourselves with advanced assets and integrating with joint and coalition forces, we are strengthening our partnerships and security in the region.“, reads a memorandum signed by Lt. Gen. Alexus Grynkewich, commander of the Ninth Air Force.

Talks with Egypt regarding Palestinian refugees

weekly The Economist He writes about the talks Western diplomats had in Washington to persuade the United StatesEgypt To receive thousands and thousands of Palestinian refugees In exchange for generous loans from the United States. Cairo will need financial aid to pay off its foreign debts. The precedent that American officials hope to set is Hosni Mubarak’s support for the Bush administration in the First Gulf War in 1991.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is currently in Egypt and will leave for Israel tomorrow. “The Israeli reaction goes beyond the right to self-defense, it reaches a limit Collective punishment“Egyptian President Sisi commented on the sidelines of the meeting with the head of American diplomacy.”We completely reject attacks against civilians“, he added.

Biden hears Netanyahu: “Guarantee water and food”

US President Joe Biden spoke by phone with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who reaffirmed America’s “steadfast support” in the war against Hamas. The White House reported that during the meeting, American coordination with the United Nations, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, and others in the region was discussed.Ensuring access for innocent civilianswaterfallto food And in medical careMeanwhile, the US State Department updated the death toll of US citizens, which has risen to 29. There are 16 missing.

126 hostages of Hamas

the Hostages Hamas is hiding underground and in multiple locations. This was stated by Israeli Army Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus in an interview with the Haaretz newspaper. CNN. “We know that Hamas has a complex network of tunnels for both defensive and offensive purposes, which will certainly increase the complexity of the fighting, but we are prepared for it.“, the Israeli army spokesman explained to the American network. The Islamic movement was kidnapped 126 people In the first hours of the conflict.

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“Let’s lay the foundations for the invasion of Gaza.”

“We are laying the foundations for ground maneuvers that will be as effective as possible,” said Tomer Bar, commander of the Israeli Air Force. He then continued, “We are eliminating as many threats as possible on land and in the air. We will do what is necessary in the most aggressive manner, so that, if we decide to invade Gaza, the best possible ground action is allowed to enhance our operational capabilities.” Freedom Forces.

A missile hits the Italian base in Lebanon

The headquarters of the United Nations mission in southern Lebanon in Naqoura was also hit by a missile. In fact, UNIFIL said in a statement: “We are working to verify the location from which the missile was launched. Our ‘blue helmets’ were not at the site at the time, and fortunately no one was injured. There were impacts on both sides of the site.” “The Line: We continue to work actively with the authorities on both sides of the line to calm the situation, but unfortunately, despite our efforts, the military escalation continues. We urge all parties concerned to cease fire and allow us, as the “Blue Helmets,” to “help us in “Find a solution. No one wants to see more wounded and killed. We remind all parties concerned that attacks against civilians or UN personnel are violations of international law and can be considered war crimes.” But Defense Minister Guido Crocito confirmed that “A The missile deviated“It did not cause any damage.”

Biden: “Everyone condemns Hamas”

“I reached out again this weekend with Prime Minister Netanyahu to reiterate the United States’ continued support for Israel and to provide an update on our military support and efforts to protect civilians. It is time for all nations to unequivocally condemn Hamas as a terrorist organization that does not represent the aspirations of the Palestinian people,” he said. Joe Biden wrote on Channel X.

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