Election results in Catalonia 2024, live: audit

Election results in Catalonia 2024, live: audit

Verified Election results in Catalonia 2024. We already know almost everything12-M auditWith vote percentages and seat distribution. We maintain coverage Minutes and minuteswith everything you need to know about results I’– Auditing the 2024 Catalonia elections.

Once the number of votes and MPs for each party is updated, they are updated Graphics From this page so you can consult, in real time, Results of the Catalan Parliament elections this 12-M.

Catalonia 2024 election results and audit

In the following graphic you can see how it is distributed Representatives in the Parliament of Catalonia I How to dance seats As the audit process proceeds, as well as the comparison with the last elections of 2021.

12-M Results: Votes for each party

Below you can find out who he is Winner of the 2024 Catalonia elections. Check the Graph With the Votes obtained by each party At the time of the current audit. The visualization is constantly updated: as soon as changes occur in the scan, you will be able to see them in the graph.

Winners in each electoral district

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