The cry of university students

The cry of university students

It is not known at exactly what minute he died. If he could sleep or if he suffered until the last second. We know that he was traveling in a car with his uncles and cousins. The Israeli army had ordered the evacuation of the neighborhood where he lives. So they were a family that obeyed orders. They bombed them. Here’s another piece of information we’ve seen for a few months: the Israeli army is setting deadly traps for the citizens of Gaza.

Therefore, the family was attacked. A young woman and her six-year-old cousin survived. After alerting one of her relatives, the Red Crescent was able to contact the girl. In the middle of the conversation, the car was shot at. Only the girl remained alive. Little Hind was begging emergency services to come and save her. She was hurt, and she was afraid. On the other end of the line, his mother was trying to console him. Over the course of hours, the Ministry of Health of the Palestinian National Authority negotiated with the Israeli Ministry of Defense. The ambulance was allowed to pass. When she found the car, it was also attacked. end

Until a week ago – four months after the event – the bodies could not be recovered. During this period, thousands of Palestinian children died. Decades of abuse and violence, pacts and disagreements, fears and betrayals have taken their toll on Hind’s body. Geopolitics explodes in the girl’s gut.

What do we say to the memory of Hind that justifies her suffering? Are we talking about the Holocaust, the European bad conscience, the UN plan to partition Palestine, the expulsion of Palestinians from their lands, the various wars, the greed of Israeli settlers, and the suffocation of the residents of Gaza and the West Bank? West Bank? Shall we address in detail the fanatical drifts of Hamas or Netanyahu? Do we appeal to other murders to justify his action? We already know this repeated text to avoid condemning Israel: “We remember the Jewish women, whose bodies were mutilated by Hamas,” answered Isabel Díaz Ayuso about the university protests against the genocide in Gaza.

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How many thousands of Palestinian children must die to be considered first-degree victims? How many Palestinians are there compared to the 1,200 Israelis killed by Hamas? It is as if the tears of some victims prevent the crying of others. Enough with the obscene use of Israeli victims in the Hamas massacre. The slaughter of some does not justify the annihilation of others. Netanyahu took extreme retaliation only to consolidate his power.

More than 30,000 Palestinians were killed. More than a million people suffer from a catastrophic food situation, bordering on famine. Conflict is complicated, we know that. But the call to end the indiscriminate slaughter of civilians is not of great importance. This is what university students demand. They are not working to reach a treaty to resolve conflicts, they are simply rebelling against injustice. What is worrying is that their cry is not unanimous.

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