How 2023 Started for American & Brazilian Leather – La Conceria

How 2023 Started for American & Brazilian Leather – La Conceria

You can get an idea of ​​how to make a file 2023 Leather supply chains in the USA and Brazil. The minus sign is shown from the January and February polls American Leather and Leather Council For the export of raw cowhide. There are over 4.2 million skins (-14% YoY) worth $130.3 million. The markets of China and Hong Kong, which account for more than half of US rawhide exports, recorded a nine percentage point drop in the value of the trade. It is worth noting the figure for exports to Italy: More than 40,000 raw hides arrived from the US between January and February, with a +28% increase in January and February 2022. But brand value -8%, equaling less than Million dollars.

How did the year 2023 start in the USA

flexion In the LHCA report also visible to i Semi-finished products. approximately 520,000 skins wet blue US exports are worth $55.3 million (-13%). In this case, China and Vietnam were the markets least likely to be bought, with -42% and -56% respectively compared to the first two months of 2022. market Italianwhich represented almost the entire European order in this period and obtained 247,507 semi-finished skins valued at $27.5 million (+41%).

The first quarter of Brazil

CICB analyzed the first quarter of Brazilian tanneries Based on SECEX data. As a result, the export volume has increased year on year China And Italywhile there is a downward trend States united (down 20.9% in value and 4.7% in surface area). Total Brazilian exports of finished and semi-finished leather in terms of number and the world 278.4 million dollars, 16.1% less than the same period in 2022, but with 39.2 million square meters, up 5.4%. China (excluding Hong Kong) remains the reference market, with a 2.6% decline in revenue but an 18.1% increase in square meters exported in this first part of 2023. Double read For Brazilian leather exports to Italy: -28.7% by value but +7.3% by m2. (SS)

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