Renault’s big bet does not end in success in Spain

Renault’s big bet does not end in success in Spain

View catalog RenaultEspecially seeing some of the latest developments from the French brand both in our country and in Europe, it is clear that the manufacturer has chosen to make SUVs one of its pillars in terms of sales.

Moreover, she was seeing precisely how her sales were supposed to be one of her most successful models Spainhe Kadjar, was not even at the same level in relation to its direct competitors on the market, when the French brand decided to put an end to this model and bet on a completely new option in the main segment of this type of model on European roads. : That’s a compact SUV.

Thus was born the model that has become one of the brand’s big bets, the Australian model, a compact SUV, as much as the French brand knows that it will not have an entirely easy time considering that it has to compete with established models such as April Qashqaihe Come here Sportage Or the Hyundai Tucsonamong other things, at least so far sales figures have not been obtained Renault Wait

Renault Austral is far from its direct competitors

While the Renault Astral can boast of his achievement 2.990 Registrations so far this year, their direct competitors have achieved much higher numbers, numbers that are more than double. In case Come herehe Sportage It has already been added 5.615 Sales, while in case TucsonIts sales volume in this first quarter reached 7.181. But what really hurts a Renault Is this exactly? Aprila brand with which the French manufacturer has been associated for many years 7.344 Sales, more than double what he achieved himself austral.

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It should be noted that the French manufacturer is fully aware that, being a first-generation model, it competes in a truly contested segment, it is not easy and will never be easy. Lastral Eventually becoming one of the references in its category.

Of course, what they will certainly expect is that, at least at the end of 2024, the difference between their model, which occupies Position 39 Ara A Spainis a stable deformation in relation to its direct competitors, that all three cases are able to boast of being in the top 15, and in the case of AprilBeing the fourth best-selling car on Spanish roads this year.

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