September 29, 2022

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El Salvador: Bukele accuses the United States of “supporting” criminal gangs – Latin America

(ANSA) – Rome, April 12 El Salvador’s President Najib Bukele accused the US government of “supporting” criminal gangs active in the country, responding in a controversial manner to some of the US State Department spokesman’s statements. Ned Price spoke of the “anti-gang war” carried out by the Salvadoran government, which in 17 days led to the arrest of more than 10,000 people.

On Sunday, the US official said on his Twitter account that the US “continues to support El Salvador in its efforts to reduce the spread of gangs. We urge El Salvador to protect its citizens, while supporting civil liberties, including freedom of the press.”

Bukele responded on the same social media, citing a tweet from Price: “Does the US government really continue to help curb the spread of gangs? Yes, we have had support from the US government, but during the Donald Trump administration.” The Salvadoran president added: “You now support gangs and ‘civil liberties.’ (Handle).

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