There are 60 million no-vaccines in the United States, Fossie’s request: urgency to vaccinate

Antony Fauci, appeal to No Vax: “It is urgent to vaccinate because the delta variant is present in 99.9% of cases in our country and we must prevent its circulation”.

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Anthony Fassi, Chief Health Adviser to US President Joe Biden, held a press conference yesterday to study the epidemic situation in the United States and the spread of the Omigran variant, especially in South Africa, which was discovered a few weeks ago. Dr. “Fassi said 60 million people in the United States have not yet received the vaccine,” he said. And we must stop the cycle. “Fauci also urged his fellow citizens to always wear masks during the winter months.

According to Fauzi, it is still too early to know whether we should vaccinate ourselves against Govt-19 every year.: “We really do not know. One of the most favorite things for me and my colleagues is that every time you take a booster dose, for example with the MRNA vaccine, the level of antibodies increases and you gain a much wider immunity. The response is strong”. According to the scientist, it is not necessary to be vaccinated again every 8-9 months in the future, but the immunity will be much longer, although it depends on how the infection develops worldwide and what variations it manifests. One of these – more precisely – Omicron, complete data on its risk and infection will be available in a few weeks: “Scientists will take the virus, grow it in a laboratory, and obtain a fake virus that works easily. Then we will test the antibodies from the cured and vaccinated to see what happens.”

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