Famous Nursery | The judge questions the director and orders a final police report

Famous Nursery |  The judge questions the director and orders a final police report

Celebrity Abuse in Nursery: Judge questions principal and orders final report to policeEvie

Children humiliated, neglected and poorly cared for“Bikas Children’s School.”Located in Pozuelo de Alarcónone of the richest areas of Madrid, would have sufferedt physical and psychological harassment By some of his teachers. This, at least, is what sources familiar with the investigation told El Periódico de España, from the same editorial group where this newspaper works. “You’re a failure,” a caregiver might say to a child. There will also be documentaries Pushing, slapping and children Very young, he is locked in dark rooms as punishment.

Now, five months after the case came to light, as this newspaper has learned, two key advances will be made to try to clarify the matter What happened at this daycare?: On the one hand, the judge is planning an interrogation this Monday Educational Court No. 3 of Pozuelo de Alarcón The director of the Bekas nursery, who is on the investigation list, and two other witnesses. On the other hand, the police will soon submit a final report on the content Video surveillance cameras From nursery.

The few who have seen the material so far – because the case moves very carefully when dealing with minors – report images that are extremely sensitive, both because of the seriousness of what happened and because of the young age of the children. The complaint, in fact, did not arise from the parents who learned of what had happened as a result of the case coming to light, but rather from the complaint of a girl who practically decided to write a report to denounce the ill-treatment she was subjected to as a witness in kindergarten.

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In this educational center, where there will be children from zero to three years old and which is located in one of the richest cities in Spain, there were registered children of Atletico Madrid football players such as A.Natoine Griezmann, Alvaro Morata or Mario HermosoAnd so is the coach Diego Pablo Simeone. Investigative sources previously denied that any of these minors were among the alleged victims. The center is already closed.

Pushing and slapping

Two months ago, María del Carmen Neira, honorary judge of this court, summoned the court Parents of nine affected children of what happened at Pecas Nursery so they can see part of the recordings they have and decide if they want to participate in the case.

“There are pictures that are difficult to see,” summarize sources close to the case. For example, according to documents submitted to the court so far, a caregiver had pushed, slapped and hit a child on the head with a book just over a year old. He also locks young children in dark rooms as punishment.

For example, Ignacio Gordillo, a lawyer for one of the families who was present during this viewing in February, explained to this newspaper that in one of the photos shown of his client, you can see “Prolonged crying” of the child without receiving the necessary attention. It was said during the hearing in February that this type of behavior would have caused psychological consequences in some children.

Bye for nowThe research focuses on five female workers Of the Bikas Nursery and its director, some were directly responsible for the harassment and others were necessary collaborators due to the omission of assistance, as, for example, other staff had recommended that the young trainee address her complaint directly to the university and not to the nursery director.

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