Queen Elizabeth, her confessor reveals her last hours in Scotland: This is how she died

Queen Elizabeth, her confessor reveals her last hours in Scotland: This is how she died

“Queen Elizabeth had no regrets. He was at peace before his death and his thoughts were focused on faith, his father, King George VI, and the beauty of Balmoral. The last moments of the King, who passed away on 8 September 2022 at the age of 96, are told by the Rev. Ian Greenshields, who was Then director of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.A year earlier, in the last days of the Queen’s life, she had spent some time as a guest of the royal family.

“His Majesty was fragile,” he says, “but his mind was still sharp. She was very concerned about faith. It was the year of her Platinum Jubilee so he looked back. He had a wonderful memory. He had no regrets.” Greenshields explains that he was surprised that his visit was not canceled because he found the Queen of England in not very good physical condition. He was one of the few visitors allowed to enter Balmoral because numbers had declined for fear of overburdening the Queen.

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“There were only six people at dinner during the three nights she was there, including Sophie of Wessex (now Duchess of Edinburgh), Princess Royal Anne and her husband, Commander Sir Timothy Lawrence, and John Warren, the Queen’s horse trainer and husband.” “Sovereignty itself,” the religious remember. During those last meals the Queen spoke of her love for Scotland. Once she went to a window and said ‘Who wouldn’t want to be here?’ He was at peace with the world and that showed. When she died I thought of my mother and how she too had spoken of faith in God before To leave us. So, I wonder if people, even unconsciously, are preparing for the end. It is also very common for people dying to think of their parents, as the Queen did. He always viewed life and his duties as head of state through the prism of the Christian faith, and it seems that Faith remained intact and steadfast.

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Greenshields preached the homily at Elizabeth II’s thanksgiving ceremony at St Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh, on 11 September last year and attended the funeral in Westminster Abbey.

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