An unexpected farewell gesture to Ivana Mrazova

An unexpected farewell gesture to Ivana Mrazova

Luca Onestini in tears During the live broadcast of Big Brother VIP. The contestant, quite unexpectedly, had to say goodbye to her Ivana Merazova. Indeed, no one inside the Cinecittà Loft was aware of the impending event exit from the competitor. his participation in Gf vip Actually it was only temporary. Despite this, vippone Luca hoped for his stay.

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What happened

Luca Onestini and Ivana Mrazova started a romance after their first engagement in Gf Vip. Between the two things did not go as hoped, and even if they remained on good terms, they broke up. Gf Vip arranged for the two to meet again during the current 7th edition. Thus Luca and Ivana had the opportunity to get close and spend moments together intimate.

Unfortunately for Luca Onestini, Alfonso Signorini Both that it’s time for Ivana Abandon the home. Saddened and shocked by the news, Onestini hugged Ivana’s arms for a date outside the house: “Our hearts have crossed and always will be, Ivana has always been in my heart even when we haven’t heard from each other,” Phippon said in tears.

Ivana didn’t even have a chance to greet the other competitors. So she left the house and Luca greeted her with a smile.

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