Ukraine, Russia and North Korea agree to supply weapons

Ukraine, Russia and North Korea agree to supply weapons

American ultimatum, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong in contact: On the table, the supply of weapons from North Korea to RussiaAt a decisive stage in the war with Ukraine. Washington does not hide its concern about the “progress of arms supply talks” between Moscow and Pyongyang. This was stated by a spokesman for the National Security Council at the White House, John Kirby, citing intelligence information that Russian President Vladimir “Putin and Kim Jong-un exchanged messages” on this issue and “high-level officials.” It is possible that the level of discussions will continue at the level in the coming months.

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Kirby then stressed that “any arms agreement between North Korea and Russia would violate United Nations Security Council resolutions.” Kirby added that Russia is looking forward to more artillery shells and other equipment to strengthen the Russian defense.

Yesterday, Bloomberg announced how Putin accepted the invitation of his Chinese counterpart. Xi Jinping, To visit China in October to attend the Silk Road Forum. Putin’s trip to China will be the Russian president’s first abroad since the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for the deportation of minors.

China and Russia are working on “exchanging visits at the highest levels,” and therefore also on the possibility of Russian President Vladimir Putin going to Beijing. “We are working on this trip, but it is too early to say.” When will this happen,” the Kremlin spokesman said at a news conference today Dmitry Peskov It only partially confirms what Bloomberg reported.

“It’s too early to report, but I can say that Russia and China are already working out a very tight schedule for exchange visits at various levels, even at the highest level. We will inform you about such trips in due course,” Peskov told reporters.

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“The third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation will be held later this year. China and the Belt and Road Initiative partners are in communication on this matter. We will provide information in time,” said Beijing Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin.

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