Declared flop: zero HPCs outside cities with a Pnrr bid

Declared flop: zero HPCs outside cities with a Pnrr bid

However, in the first half of 2023, without any public contribution, 8438 new points installed For general use (+80% compared to the same period in 2022). the total And so it rises to 45,210.

added to these Over 400,000 private charging pointsan increase of 700% compared to 2021, thanks Incentives for energy rehabilitation of buildings. He produced Superbonus 110% in particular 304 thousand establishments, as shown by ENEA data. An unusual result considering that electric vehicles in circulation in Italy have just reached 200,000 units.

Mezzogiorno continues to win back the land. Indeed, the south and the islands matter 23% of the total of Italian filling points, bypassing the center (21%) and biting off another percentage point on Northern Italy (56%).

There are now HPC top-ups, even on the highway, and now they serve customers… (Photo: Free for X LinkedIn).

Shipping on the highway? It is found in 121 stations out of 476

in the end a fourth from regions Highway service It is now equipped with charging points for public use. In total there are 657 charging points distributed (+422 compared to last year). in 121 service areas out of a total of 476. behind 58% of fill points On the highway they have power higher than 150 kW. This is the data from the quarterly monitoring of Motus-E Infrastructures.

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