The trial of 4 policemen accused of assaulting a young man and making false statements while in prison

On Monday, the Barcelona Court began the trial against Four Mossos de Escodra officers are accused of assaulting a young man they arrested while in custody. the facts It happened in 2020When this boy was walking on a street in Barcelona with some friends In complete curfew due to the epidemic For the Corona virus.

The victim confirmed this to the court He thought he was going to die because the officers stood over him to reduce his size And handcuffed him.

The trial takes place in the Barcelona Court (Chapter 3)

The young man who announced from behind the screen so as not to make eye contact with the accused, He stressed that the attack was “completely unjustified.” As a result of his suspension, he was directed to the agents.

He explains that when the Mossos family asked him for documents, he told them that “it's better to go chase the thieves,” and according to the victim, he then began the beating, which resulted in three of his teeth being broken.

“I told them over and over again that I couldn't breathe. In fact, you could hear my voice cut off.”

Up to four agents were involved in shrinking the young man who is now Iredia.

The police defense tried to discredit the witness, but the court had seen a witness before 13-minute video recorded by a neighbor And where do you see how The four agents wrestled with the young man without taking a violent stance.

This was stated by the witness, who is also a security expert They hurt him unnecessarilyEspecially one of the police officers.

“He hit him on the ground, sat on top of him, and was very violent and the boy was like, 'No need!'

The process that began on Monday is to put the four agents on trial on charges of forgery of documents, criminal mischief, unlawful detention and crime against moral integrity.

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Agents who They face penalties of up to 15 years in prison and 22 years of disqualificationare also accused of lying.

To justify the arrest, the defendants wrote a report in which they accused the young man, “knowing that their statements were unconfirmed,” of the crime of assault by kicking and hitting one of them on the head, which “did not happen.” It does not happen at any time,” concludes the prosecutor.

Before the trial began, the four defendants paid a sum Compensation of 3,400 euros This is what the Ministry of Finance requested regarding compensation for the damages suffered by the victim.

The pro-human rights organization Iredia claims that this is a case of racially motivated police violence.

The trial continues on Wednesday with expert reports, and on Thursday with statements from the defendants and final reports from the various parties.

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