Another Tesla record: 422,000 cars sold in 3 months

Another Tesla record: 422,000 cars sold in 3 months

Another Tesla record: Cars sold in the first quarter of 2023 were nearly 423,000, with the Model Y and Model 3 once again taking the lion’s share.

source: Final data sent by Tesla.

Another Tesla Record, Driven by the Model Y (and Discounts)

Keep reading that for Tesla’s sake The package is about to expire. And that competition historical brands Even the electrical device is getting tighter and tighter. But the numbers tell an entirely different story. Thank you as well at huge discounts (now Form 3 With incentives in Italy it costs less than 40 thousand euros), closed the first three months of the year with Over 420,000 deliveries. The previous record, 405,000 registrations, had just been set, in the last quarter of 2022. The new figure slightly exceeded the expectations of financial analysts, who predicted a final balance of 420,000 deliveries. The new record not only contributed to strong discounts, but also Increase factory production Like the one in Grunheide, Germany. With the increase in the availability of the ready-to-delivery product, in the face of long periods of competition.

Sales remain weak for the Tesla Model 3.

The goal is to reach 2 million people, but the Model Y isn’t enough…

We have continued the transition to a more consistent regional mix of vehicle manufacture, including S and X models moving into EMEA and Asia Pacific. “Tesla confirmed in a statement. with reference to the extreme regions Europe and Africa (Europe, Middle East and Africa) e Asia Pacific (your father). If Good Morning begins in the morning, it’s easy to predict that Elon Musk’s brand will easily surpass the number of deliveries for 2022, just More than 1.3 million. Even the most optimistic Wall Street analysts are talking about the approaching 2023 quota Two million. But such an outcome would be possible if sales of the Model 3, which were rather sluggish despite price list cuts also in the first months of the year, regain steam. In February, Tesla’s second best selling model went no further Fifth place In Europe, it also precedes it Fiat 500e. In numbers far from the elusive leader, Y model.

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