Dramatic Dancing With The Stars, an absolute talent dying ‘I have no words’

Dramatic Dancing With The Stars, an absolute talent dying ‘I have no words’

A dramatic situation experienced by the famous dancer Anastasia Kuzmina from Dancing with the Stars, the death of the dancer is unbearable.

Definitely one of the most popular dancers in the famous Dancing With the Stars format Anastasia KuzminaA true dancing talent, the woman over time became known by the Italian public who instantly liked her for her beauty and skill.

A very difficult period for her what is happening Of Ukrainian origin, the dancer decided to move to Italy with her family, specifically in Bologna, when he was still very young, but he still carried his origins in his heart. Recently, a particularly exciting event happened thereI was struck deep by the sudden loss of a dancer.

Anastasia decided to take her first steps in the world of dance when she was still young, she worked hard to become the professional we all know today, already as a teenager she was able to grab attention by winning prestigious awards and In 2012 his big break came by joining the cast of the program conducted by Mille Carlucci, dancing with the stars, And she hasn’t left since.

recently shown All grief over the loss of a dancer It left fans deeply moved.

Drama Anastasia Kuzmina Don’t Hold Back Tears

It is clear that these last months have completely changed her life, the war in Ukraine has been filled with terrible pain and deep fear of losing friends and relatives who still live there, admit it himself Her grandfather told her that he was afraid of dying under the bombsA situation that is hard to even imagine, a devastating drama.

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The drama of the war affects her especially, and a few days ago an event happened that completely overshadowed her, Ukrainian dancer dies For her it was a real blow that she struggled to recover from.

Anastasia Kuzmina

So there Kuzmina couldn’t hold back her tears for the terrible event, 13-year-old dancer Dmytro died in an explosionA young life snatched up by the wrath of war, a nascent talent unfortunately you’ll never see come true.

What a famous dancer can’t accept How did we get to this point, The young man was on his way with his sister Xenia to summer camp when they were hit by a bomb.

Anastasia Kuzmina

As for Dmytro, there was nothing to do, he practically died on the spot, while his sister was hospitalized in intensive care. Anastasia Kuzmina tells this story why None of this will happen againShe is living this situation with a piece of her heart in her home country and the pain is literally destroying her.

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