«Don’t make fun of me if I speak Italian» – Corriere.it

«Don’t make fun of me if I speak Italian» – Corriere.it

A large red curtain completely obscures the stage, and as the music begins to rise in a pulsating rhythm, the four figures can be seen transparently, photographed by thousands of mobile phones that seem to light up like flames. Then the cloth fell and behold MÃ¥neskin, welcomed by the roar of the nearly 13,000 people (12,700, according to the organizers) who flocked to the Pala Alpitour in Turin, was clearly sold out, with many fans stationed outside since. Then in the morning and also from the previous day equipped with tents.

Official opening (after zero date in Pesaro) From Europe’s “Loud Kids On Tour,” which was postponed due to restrictions due to the pandemic and is now “Loud Kids Get Loud,” opens on the notes of “Don’t Wanna Sleep,” extracted from new album Rush! Glossy features, Damiano with two jet-black champignons he ditches in the time of a few songs, the record-breaking twenty-four leave Italy after a world tour so dizzying, that now it is almost hard for them to return to their mother tongue: “Hi Turin, Liaison Service – salutes the front-line commander. This evening you will hear me speak a little because saying “Hands up, shout” in Italian makes me feel a little embarrassed. I ask for your help in doing this independently or in the event that you do not accept … »

Then let the music do the talking: 2 hours of loud, loud rock, No frills, it flows quickly. On the stage, between the two giant side screens, there is no scenography: the special effects are left to the lights, with a technologically advanced system that, through 300 illuminated objects, creates 3D effects, changes color and moves like a spaceship. above them. On the other hand, their presence has always been enough to attract attention and also last night Damiano David, Victoria de Angelis, Ethan Torchio and Thomas Raggi confirmed that live dimension, little talk and a lot of music is what they feel most appropriate.

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In the line-up, among more than 20 songs, plenty of room for new tracks: After the first rock dump, between “Gossip”, “I Own My Mind” and “Supermodel”, the atmosphere becomes more intimate on “Coraline”. On “Blah Blah Blah” Damiano throws himself into the rave crowd, with “Beijing”, the cover that brought them luck in the US, there is a bit of irony: “Now a song that broke California…both us and you, but it’s so beautiful and we love it so much” . With “For Your Love” the stage goes dark and Damiano lights up the crowd with a spotlight: it’s time for Thomas, the guitarist, with a long solo to take him into the audience. On “Gasoline”, the song they wrote as a response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Damiano appears to be on fire as well, as his microphone stands on fire.

It’s time to recover from the heat and the show It moves to a smaller stage, at the end of the café, for the vocal interlude: voice and guitar are enough for “Torna a casa”, “Vent’anni” and “Amandoti”, covers from the time of “X Factor” » . Damiano seems annoyed with cell phones: “If you want to use them, use them for a just cause. Light up this building, there are thousands of videos, well, a little atmosphere.” In the end, after “Mammamia”, it is the turn of the punk “Kool Kids” sung with a super British accent, and the audience, according to tradition, takes the stage: “loud kids”, noisy boys, become dozens. In the encore, with “I want to be a slave”, the heat builds: “We’ll fuck Pala Alpi”, exclaims Damiano, before leaving.

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Behind the scenes, after the concert, the group feels good: “We haven’t played in Italy for a long time, we felt mentally free, without comparisons, – says Damiano to reporters. We are happy, we expected less participation, because tickets have been sold out for a long time … »

Now, until the end of May, Europe is waiting for them: 32 dates in yards, almost always sold out, which would take them back to Italy in the middle of March and then for an isolated arc on the 5th of May. Finally, in July, for the first time, MÃ¥neskin will face the stadiums: Trieste (July 16), Rome twice (20th and 21st) and Milan twice (24th and 25th). New crowds await.

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