Evokes Pau Donis

Evokes Pau Donis

Pau Donis is no longer with us, but his vibration could be felt last night in Luz de Gaz, the room that has hosted him so many times, in health and in sickness. A loving and meticulously written tribute, with the band from the last tours complete, the appearance of friends on the video screen and twenty songs that have already surpassed their creator: “anthems”, in the words of the three singers who accepted the challenge of capturing the soul of this artist who died too soon, on June 9, 2020. .

The Tribute to Pau Donés was filmed two months after the tour and the warm weather did the rest. The set of sounds flowed from the opening theme, “El bosque de palo,” with Ernest Armengol, the raw recording and rock singer, opening the session and addressing the room directors, Fedi Sarda and his son Roger, who “have always dealt with Jarabe.” De palo as if they were a family.” Lively orchestration, with shared verses, in trios or duets, as in Agua, a theme cited by María Pascual, a voice tending to the interior, with a background in jazz, and Arturo Moreno’s Mestisollatí.

There was not a feeling of mourning but of celebration of the shared path and the vitality of songs, such as El lado oscuro, with its base of strong tropical sound, or the funky attack of Bonito. All of this is pumped up by the drums of Alex Tenas, the only Jarabesque member to have participated in all of the group's albums. For a moment that gives rise to goosebumps, the most vulnerable piece Homo, sung by Denis from the screen.

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Quiet catharsis arrived with La flaca, chanting at the top of her lungs, on the way to Grita and the sweet touch of the harp in Eso que tú me das. At the end of the session, the philosophical echo of Pau Donis, summed up by Moreno: “that life is beautiful and that it is worth being here, even if everything is not always as we would like.” The honor awaits three more dates in Barcelona, ​​on April 26 in Luz de Gaz itself and on May 9 and 10 in La Paloma.

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