December 4, 2022

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Videz, post-tumor scan, here’s the result

Since last March, when he underwent surgery to remove an endocrine pancreatic tumor, Fidez has always been keeping his followers updated on social media by talking about the disease. The course of recovery and recognition All his concerns are related to cancer. He did it even after six months. “A nice magnetic ring is waiting for me …,” the rapper wrote in one of the photos he posted on his Instagram stories, covered with his hand, adding a request for support to his fans: “What I don’t do.” I don’t particularly love, send positive feedback.”


At the end of the procedure, he showed the MRI tunnel and two fingers of his hand as evidence of success, then shared another post writing: “Okay. Thank you very much for all the messages.”

The last histological examination also had a positive result, and this gives hope that the worst is behind us. “It’s a very rare cancer, it probably affects one in a million people. It’s Steve Jobs’ tumor. So to speak,” Fedez explained a few months after the surgery, emphasizing how lucky he felt: “I consider myself very lucky. The tumor did not invade the lymph nodes. At 90% everything is fine, I should just recover, because the duodenum, gallbladder, pancreas and a piece of intestine have been removed. “So the artist did not have to undergo chemotherapy:” I had no micrometastases. The luck is that it does not have a classification in benign carcinogen but in G1, G2 and G3. Mine was G1, which means “a lot of ass”….”.


Slowly the rapper resumed his normal life, he started performing again, for the first time, for the first time after surgery, On the LoveMi stage, a concert was organized with his newfound friend J-Axe. Around him are friends who never leave him alone but above all family, His wife, Chiara Ferragni And children: “Family love is the most powerful remedy” repeat several times.

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