Bale Pd on Fabio Fazio

Bale Pd on Fabio Fazio

Leave the abbreviation up Fabio Fazio. In the end, all the knots come home to roam, especially if the argument turns out to be beneficial. to Cleaning Campaignin La7, Corrado Formigli supports the thesis of the Bulgarian decree against the conductor what’s the weather like. To lend a hand him the deputy of the Democratic Party Deborah Sirakiani and deputy director Huffington Post Alessandro De Angelis.

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Poor only beater Annalisa ChiricoBut he defends himself well. And fight. “Maybe you who know Rai better than me know what Rai occupied with the left, you know very well what that means,” he turns to the divination line to de Angelis, who is also the author of Another Half Hour, Sunday Talk on Lucia Annunziata on Rai 3. «Annalisa you Shameless, you have to let me finish. You Big shameless! », thrown into a rage, who had just attacked the next general manager of viale Mazzini Giampaolo Rossi.

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Chirico repeats: “I tell you that it is not right to mention a person who does not exist.” However, the argument becomes almost surreal when the journalist points out an indisputable fact: «What is attributed to Fazio is not a lack of competence, but a lack of pluralism Which, Corrado, for public television is registered in the law as an obligation ». Formigli gets angry: “Come on Annalisa, what does pluralism have to do with it, Fazio doesn’t talk, he does the interviews, it’s a different format, you want to understand”. Sirakiani repeats to him: “But what does pluralism have to do with it?” Now everything is clearer: the left is contesting the government for its attack on pluralism, but, to defend Fazio, it claims that, at least, it was not required to be a pluralist. Miracles of one thought (Al-Fazi).

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