Ukraine, “the United States will supply cluster bombs to Kiev”

Ukraine, “the United States will supply cluster bombs to Kiev”

The United States expected to announce a new military aid package to Ukraine that includes cluster munitions for the first time. US defense officials told CNN. The decision was reportedly made in the wake of changing battlefield conditions in Ukraine over the past two weeks. US President Joe Biden has evaluated the parade in recent weeks, in a period marked by limited progress in the Ukrainian counterattack.

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Cluster bombs are banned in more than 100 countries because their use can “scatter” munitions that do not initially explode and develop into a long-term threat, with a potential mine-like effect. The United States and Ukraine are not among the countries that ban such weapons. Washington, in particular, will have a large arsenal that hasn’t been used since 2016.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky hopes that the new weapons will give an additional impetus to the actions of the armed forces in Kiev.. With a counterattack, the soldiers are “moving forward, advancing even if not as fast as we would like. But we are moving forward,” Zelensky said in an interview with the American station ABC. He added that it is still “too early” to talk about the great successes in Battlefield Meanwhile, the Ukrainian President made a double visit today to Sofia, in Bulgaria, and to Prague, in the Czech Republic.

In Sofia, Zelensky and the Bulgarian Prime Minister, Nikolai Denkov, signed a joint declaration in support of Kiev’s accession to NATO. Zelensky warned that Vladimir Putin “will not stop until everyone is killed” and that “it is not possible to negotiate with him”. “In 2014, there were several deals in which France and Germany included Russia, but it seemed that Moscow’s goal was to buy time to get more weapons and destroy us.” “We just want to live,” he added.

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In the evening, the President of Ukraine arrived in Prague where he held talks with President Petr Pavel, Prime Minister Petr Fiala and Speakers of the Senate and House of Representatives Milos Vystrcil and Marketa Pekarova Adamova. Focus on defense support, the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine, the NATO summit in Vilnius, the situation around the Zaporizhia power plant, the implementation of the peace formula and the reconstruction of Ukraine.

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