A tragic farewell to the influential Mila de Jesus at the age of 35

A tragic farewell to the influential Mila de Jesus at the age of 35

A tragic farewell to the influential Mila de Jesus at the age of 35Instagram

Famous Brazilian influencer Mila de Jesus lost her life at the age of 35As one of his three daughters, Anna Clara, reported on Instagram. “We are deeply saddened by the death of our beloved mother,” he wrote alongside a photo of the woman who gained great fame, most notably for her impressive weight loss after undergoing gastric bypass surgery.

Mila de Jesus, a mother of four who recently married George Cusick, has been residing in the United States, and according to media outlets such as the Daily Mail, the New York Post and the US, He was going to die of cardiac arrest. His relatives have not yet provided further details about this matter.

In her message, Ana Clara thanks for the expressions of affection, the prayers for her mother's soul and the condolences she received after the death of Mila de Jesús last Monday, January 15.

One of his sons also shared an emotional message to Instagram accompanied by a photo with his mother. “Rest in peace, mom. I love you very much. No one will ever love me like you. Rest in God,” wrote Pedro Marsal, with whom he celebrated his 17th birthday last September with a post on social networks.

Mila de Jesús, who had four children and had recently married Jorge Cusickas sadly recalled by businesswoman Eduarda Gaia, a friend of the influencer: “I can't believe that you are gone and that we did not have our loud laughter that we loved so much. I will always remember our last phone conversation. I love you very much, my friend,” according to the Univisión website.

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Influencing her He shared his physical transformation on the networks after the surgery he underwentSaying that she “changed her life in so many ways” and that she is “so proud of her.” I am attaching this story with The photo that showed the difference of thirteen years. A photo of Mila at the age of 22 in a yellow T-shirt, and a photo of Mila at the age of 35 in a simple bikini that revealed her weight loss and new figure.

De Jesus has shared his routine, lifestyle and remarkable physical transformation on social networks, gaining more than 60,000 followers.

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