Its sweetness is indescribable

Its sweetness is indescribable

Here is a sweet video in which you can see the mother cat talking to her kittens while feeding and cleaning them.

Mother cat talking with her kittens (Credit: Youtube-Kitticanal) –

There are millions of videos depicting animals on social media. This happens because she can be very sweet, but also very gentle. We all laughed out loud when we saw the adventures and reactions of domestic cats and dogs. In this article, we will leave room for tenderness by talking about the mother cat who talks to her kittens while breastfeeding and cleaning them. It’s an impressive sight where you can’t help but be overcome with emotion and think how adorable cats are. We know the details better.

The mother cat talks to her kittens: her sweetness is indescribable

The video shows photos of A The cat has just become a mother You can find him on YouTube on the profile @Kitticanal. It’s a bit old, but it has almost 4 million views. We see a cat, a beautiful example of a red cat who has gods on her side Beautiful cats who are constantly searching for it. The first days and weeks are crucial for them, and the presence of their mother is essential for their survival.

Affectionate mother cat (Image source: Youtube-Kitticanal) –

As people noted in the comments, this is the one A very small cat Which she found herself dealing with Three adorable cats. They still have their eyes closed and are guided by their mother’s scent and warmth.

They want to take the milk from her breasts, but not only that, they want to stay attached to her and to each other as well. What makes this video special is the fact that he looks like a mother cat Talk to your young children. Everything he does is accompanied by the gods You pronounce.

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Higher pitched sounds, then lower sounds and purrs accompany feeding and cleaning time. The mother carries out her duty patiently and sweetly. She takes her puppies, gently holds them between her paws, and cleans them well.

Kittens meow in response to their mother and to interact with each other. It’s a very emotional family scene. They don’t come even for a second.

Mother cat with her kittens (Credit: Youtube-Kitticanal) –

She seems to want to talk to them, reassure them, and make them feel affectionate and protective. However, some see her expressing her happiness at seeing and hearing that her young children are okay. Anyway, she keeps talking and the kittens talk back, which is the first thing Remove tenderness and sweetness For anyone, even for those who don’t have cats at home.

You can watch this video continuously also because those who know the characteristics of cats well will know it well after a few months The mother is no longer attached to her young children.

They must become adults and, above all, independent. They have to learn how to do it themselves, find food, a safe place to stay, and perhaps have a family of their own, which includes humans as well.

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