Summer 2024 begins this Thursday, June 20, and lasts 93 days and 16 hours

Summer 2024 begins this Thursday, June 20, and lasts 93 days and 16 hours
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The summer solstice occurs When the Sun reaches maximum declination (minimum at the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere), light falls at the Earth’s highest geographic latitude.

This circumstance will occur this year on Thursday, June 20 at 8:51 p.m. UTC According to calculations by the National Astronomical Observatory. This season lasts about 93 days and 16 hours, and ends on September 22 with the beginning of the fall semester.

The beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere coincides with the beginning of winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

The beginning of the seasons is traditionally determined by those moments when the Earth is in certain positions in its orbit around the Sun. In the case of summer, this situation occurs at the point of the ecliptic where the Sun reaches its northernmost position.

On the day this happens, the sun reaches maximum northern declination (+23°27) and stays there for several days to rise The maximum at noon does not change. This circumstance is also called the summer solstice. At this moment winter begins in the Southern Hemisphere.

The summer solstice corresponds to the longest day of the year. Around this date there is the day on which the sun rises early and the day on which it sets later. A circumstantial fact that has nothing to do with the seasons also occurs at this time: the day of the apogee, that is, the day on which the Sun and the Earth are furthest from each other throughout the year. This year it will be July 5th.

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It is this greater distance from the Sun that causes the Earth to move more slowly along its elliptical orbit during the summer (according to what is known as the Second Law of the Sun). Kepler) Therefore, this station is longer than others.

The beginning of summer can occur on three different dates on the calendar (June 20 to 22). Throughout the 21st century, summer will begin on June 20 and 21 (the official Spanish date), with the first beginning in 2096 and the last beginning in 2003. The ‘year to year’ differences are due to the way the sequence of years fits according to the calendar (some leap and some not) with the duration of each Earth’s orbit around the Sun.

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