Domenica In, Mara Venier’s heir is ready: he’s already a famous face in Rai

Domenica In, Mara Venier’s heir is ready: he’s already a famous face in Rai

Sooner or later, Mara Venier will have to leave the baton and the heir ready to take the reins of Dominica Inn.

Who will gather at Ray Uno on Sunday afternoon? The weight is undoubtedly enormous and in order to do that you need someone who is really ready to carry on the legacy of the anchor, beloved by her audience.

Mara Venier (ANSA)

presenter of opinion, Mara Venere Sooner or later he will leave management Sunday in We hope to see more than before as its sequel. Even from the top they hope this kind of farewell comes as late as possible because despite the competition from Maria de Filippi During the year on Canale 5 with its best software – and also the most popular one – it has always managed to keep its own software in terms of ratings.

Over the years, the Venetian presenter also had other specials during the year, starting with the show at the end of Sanremo Festival Which hosts all the contestants in the event, even the latest news of the proposed prime-time program that has collected a lot of reviews. Also, over the years Mara Venere He has collected a series of characters from the entertainment world and not just those who are particularly fond of his person.

Eleonora Danielle is ready: she will replace Mara Vinier

Eleonora Daniel
Eleonora Daniele (@AnsaFoto)

Eleonora Daniel She used to be in front of Rai Uno’s camera and with her show Italian stories persuade the audience. The introduction also gives behind her a large following, which gives great satisfaction to the upper management who will think of her as an heir Mara Veneer. According to what he revealed NewTVIndeed, in Rai they are already thinking about a post-Venier future Sunday in. A very important program will see another fight with Maria De Filippi who broke impressive records on Sunday afternoon.

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Mara Vinier, on the other hand, is very associated with Eleonora Daniel What he said a long time ago: “When I look into her eyes, I know that I can trust her because, like me, she has had very difficult moments”. There is no doubt that the farewell to the Venetian broadcaster will be bitter, but the one who takes on the task will not disappoint the expectations of the viewers.

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