Pellet stoves are selling like hot cakes thanks to these bonuses: Find out how to get them

Pellet stoves are selling like hot cakes thanks to these bonuses: Find out how to get them

Increases in gas and electricity prices have convinced many Italians to look for alternatives to heat their homes for the winter. The pellet stove, thanks to the bonuses available, seems to catch the eye of many families.

The pellet stove is highly appreciated by the people who bought it because it brings with it many advantages. Starting today, you will also be able to enjoy many bonuses to reduce your purchase and installation costs.

Additional pellet stove –

Who are the rewards allocated to?

This popular heater has features that encourage many people to inquire about its use. The pellet stove is very simple to assemble, it has very low maintenance difficulty and it is also environmentally friendly and economical.

A pellet stove is actually a viable alternative to classic heating, and although you need the approval of a professional before purchasing and installing it, many people are already choosing the right model for their home.

The rewards available to everyone are 3:

  • Bonus of 65% with a maximum of 30 thousand euros in the case of energy rehabilitation interventions for properties already registered in the Cadastre or with registration procedures in progress
  • Bonus 50% of the expenses in case of building renovation up to a maximum of 96 thousand euros.
  • Bonus on the bill at the time of purchase as the pellets are a renewable energy source and are therefore subject to a tax deduction of up to 65%.

Advantages of pellet stove

As already mentioned above, a pellet stove is one of the best alternatives currently on the market. Thanks to the combustion of pellets, they can heat very large rooms in a short time, moreover, they are easily programmable and give off only the required heat.

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Cleaning is very simple and unlike stoves and stoves there is no risk of inhaling toxic substances or releasing unpleasant odors.

Pellet is a renewable energy resource as it is a waste material that is compressed and reused as fuel, resulting in less waste and environmental pollution. This feature also makes the pellets economical, in fact the bags can be found very affordable and guarantee the stove for several days of operation.

This material is also considered environmentally friendly since both use, production and transportation have very little impact on the environment, especially when compared to alternative heating systems.

pellet stove -
pellet stove –

It is only necessary to remember that to install a pellet stove in their homes, a specialist must document that the environment is suitable, therefore it exceeds 6 square meters and that it has a completely fireproof floor.

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