Goodbye Marisa Loreto, “Without Them…”, the words leave no room for doubt

Goodbye Marisa Loreto, “Without Them…”, the words leave no room for doubt

Unfortunately Marisa Loreto is about to say goodbye to the fantasy Sept mine: It seems in fact that the actress is taking a risk by not appearing in the third season of Rai. Her fans are afraid of losing her: at the moment the forecasts are far from rosy and the words of the actress confirm this.

Marisa Loretto stunned everyone with her confession in the TV series Sept mineThe chances of him returning to be part of the fictional cast seem very low. It’s a very hard blow for fans of the series, who were hoping to see the actress back on screens. However, Hope seems doomed to death.

I think so Marissa is very close to Marina ConfaloneAlso in the series. For her, he has nothing but words of deep affection and respect: “I haven’t worked with her for a long time, since we were very young. Finding her has been wonderful.” She is a woman I love, as a very good actress, and a true friend“.

Marisa Loreto says goodbye to everyone

Unfortunately No good news for Marisa Loretto, who appears to be forced to leave the cast Sept minea Rai novel that tells of Jelsomina, a social worker who is always willing to help others while also having to solve her own problems.

Marisa Loretto

Loreto joined the cast during the second season of the series and always had kind words for her co-workers and also for the fantasy itself. She liked it so much that when they invited her to join, she let go of her black hair.

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“At first I wasn’t quite sure about the look however I let myself be tipped off by a director who wanted me to get this gray hairdo. It’s not the first time I’ve played an old lady. I hope the public will appreciate my new hairstyle,” explaining that in the end it was the best choice.

Recently, guest a what’s the weather like by Fabio Fazio She revealed that she was not sure if she would ever be able to play Aunt Rosa again, a sweet and funny personality that amazed the audience. Unfortunately, the production of the third season Still on the high seas And Loreto does not know that she will be called to read.

Marisa Loretto

In any case, there is still time before Season 3 airs and things may change. That’s what fans of the actress are hoping for, who can’t wait to see her back on TV in a role that perfectly suits her. So everyone is hopeful that there will be a change of course and that his participation will eventually be reconfirmed.

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