Does Onana hinder Handanovic’s renewal? The captain replied

Does Onana hinder Handanovic’s renewal?  The captain replied

Samir Handanovic Speak into microphones dozen In the post-match match Juventus Intertalking about the game Unana Based on Donnarumma.

An important victory in the moment we lived, we didn’t achieve it by playing well It’s a personal victory. The opponent was Juventus and we know that, the three points are the same as in the other matches but the confidence and enthusiasm they give.

We came back to play after five or five days, and it is important that we pay something physical. When you play in the Champions League and lose matches that destroy youpsychologically and physically.

Inter Handanovic

Episode at the beginning of the match: “It was Chiellini’s faultyou can’t touch the goalkeeper within five metres, so even if she did, it would be cancelled, Chiellini knows this and I apologise.

Unana: “Mine There is no problem with competitionIt’s normal that it happens and I’m happy, the important thing is that Inter come out stronger. We’ll see how it goes, I have to think about the last few games. I’m a professional and I haven’t signed next year’s contract yetAnd the So we’ll see.

Donnarumma in perspective is the best in the worldBut he must want to. Mistakes in the game are not for him, it is easy to slay only one. For him I see great things but you have to put your head into being and becoming the best. “

upon renewal: “Things are done in two parts, I think and hope to renew but we haven’t done anything yet. You will not depend on Unana Because no one guarantees you who’s playing, that’s not the point.

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