Carlo Ancelotti: “After Real Madrid, I will stop.” Plan ahead

Carlo Ancelotti: “After Real Madrid, I will stop.”  Plan ahead

Blancos coach in an interview with Prime Video: “If the club wants me here for ten more years, I will train for ten years. But I would like to be with my grandchildren, to see the world.” National team hypothesis. And on Benzema: “It should not be trained or managed, it should be used. It is a golden ball.”

From his future to the humility of Benzema, Carlo Ancelotti speaks for himself and for the first time talks about his retirement. In a long interview with Prime videowhich will be broadcast in full in the match between Real Madrid and Manchester, the Blancos coach capable of winning the five major tournaments in Europe, transcends everything.


He starts from the Madrid experience and admits: “After Real, yes, I will probably stop. If the club keeps me here for ten years, I will train for ten years. But I would like to be with my grandchildren, go on vacation with my wife, there are so many things to do that I left it and want to do.Going to many places I’ve never been.I’ve never been to Australia.Never been to Rio de Janeiro.To visit my sister very often.Unfortunately you can’t do everything so the day I quit In him I will have all these things to do.”


For a coach like that, the experience on the bench in the national team would be interesting: “Yes, there will be a national team but now that’s too early. Certainly not for this World Cup. For the 2026 World Cup, why not? Could it be”. Interviewer Alessandro Alquiato asks him if it could be Canada, and he says, “Why not? I like it, of course. Canada did very well.”

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Between the present and the future, the market moves. Can Benzema, Vinicius and Mbappe play together? “In general, good players play.. Benzema? One of his traits and his career has been continuity. He has always progressed, he has never had ups and downs, he has always been at high levels. Maybe now he is at the top. Karim does not train nor manage. Karim He must be used. He manages himself because he is a great professional, very humble and a great player. Nothing is said to Karim this is the truth. He solved a lot of games for us and he was decisive this season, at the moment he is one of the most famous players in the world and he maintains his great humility, I think that This is his strength, and he will win the Ballon d’Or… But you don’t just beat Benzema, there is a strong structure for a strong club, and the quality of a high-level team.”

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