January 31, 2023

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Does Chiara Ferragni eat pizza? Eye in detail, controversy explodes – Libero Quotidiano

Chiara Ferragni He snatches a smile from his fans. The guest of Paris Fashion Week, the influencer posted a photo of her eating pizza. So far nothing strange if not, if we look closely, something adds nothing. In the shot, Virajni is in his hand slice of pizza, but on the plate, the Italian delicacy is absolutely complete. Nothing new, this isn’t the first time a digital entrepreneur has faced these slip-ups.

So much so that this time she herself is laughing about it. “Pizza It is also renewed in Paris”, wrote in support of the publication. Even shortly before a story was published with the inscription:“The Miracle of Pizza.” In short, it seems that the influencer did it on purpose. But not only pizza is being talked about these days, and on the occasion of the most wonderful week, Ferragni did not miss out on To say the least, the extreme looks.

He last saw her in a black robe, but she left him On the screen all lower back. Needless to say, his fans sarcastically assumed that he could also present himself in this way on the Sanremo stage. To open and close the music festival, it’s no longer a mystery, it will be her. With plenty of Amadeus at his side.

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