Pre-sale is open but The Space and UCI are already crashing, what happens?

we are here: Spider-Man: No Way Home Officially Opened in Italy. However, as expected, the servers for The Space and UCI Cinemas went down a few minutes after midnight on December 6th. We assess the situation.

Both series announced it a few hours ago Today December 6 from 00:01, it was possible to pre-purchase tickets for Spider-Man: No Way Home, the cinematography of Sony and Marvel Studios that we can now consider a true cinematic event.

At the time of writing to you Sites are still down. If it appears that UCI Cinema has already responded to users immediately by publishing a post announcing that it is working on server maintenance, everything is silent at The Space front.

Also, if someone lucky (myself included) initially manages to get to the time setting screen on December 15th, the servers will crash again, and for now Spider-Man No Way Home is no longer bookable, at least on The Space website.

It is expected, just like what happened in the United States, that the premiere seats for No Way Home have already run out, hoping that the promotion will not once again be the protagonist of unpleasant episodes of looting.

Meanwhile, rest assured: Sony published Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse Trailer And it’s really amazing.

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