Vesuvius Film Festival, success of the third edition in Città della Scienza

Vesuvius Film Festival, success of the third edition in Città della Scienza

Success in the City of Science at the 3rd edition of the Vesuvius Film Festival designed by Giovanna Damudio and organized by the Arteggiando Association.

Actress Otavia Fusco, widow of director Pasquale Squitteri to whom the 2022 edition is dedicated, was the godmother, and the specific purpose of the event was to convey social issues through cinematography by promoting a short film competition.

The proposed theme this year was solitude and the unease of young people. Ethnic and social discrimination. The competition proposed four categories: the junior category, in which middle and high schools participate. the higher category in which academies and universities participate; The category of filmmakers and the category of dioceses and cultural societies. Among the award-winning short films, out of more than 40 shortlisted films, he was awarded the “Mela Annurca” in the Societies and Congregations category; The municipality of Naples and the mayor was awarded first of all for the work on social media presented by Lucia Cassino who sometimes won an award for the short film “I’m sorry but this is closed”; For Universities and Academies, Sister Ursula Benincasa received the “Missing” award from Alessandra Dinello, sculptor and designer of the awards given; The award then went to Giuseppe Sella, the disability guarantor.

Other short films and characters owed were awarded: “We won’t leave you alone” when bullied; Antonio Sarnelli’s admission of out of competition; Actress and director Cinzia Mirabella who delivered one of her monologues; This was followed by the award for the short film “Gotham cap 1”; Other awards for personalities distinguished in the role of the social sector such as Roberto Esposito for their commitment to the safety of citizens; an award to Francesca Marisca for imparting in classical music a commitment to high values ​​such as social issues and respect for artistic traditions; Andrea Angela about his activities with the Juventus youth sector Stabia. The short film “Youth GPS is full of meaning”; Gino Gimarino and Ottavia Fusco rewarded each other for the advantages of transmitting culture; Among other award-winning short films, he loved “A cena con delivery”; And finally, Professor Nino Fortunato from the Piscopo School in Arzano. In short, many have contributed to doing something important to give young people a reason to enhance their skills and escape the evil of life called solitude. During the event, a video of the Arianova group was shown (the video “Fummo nero”, filmed at the Giacomo di Qualiano, directed by Antonio Cafiero). Fabrizia Salvia (National Mercadante Award, 1st place as translator for Mino Reitano “L’quietudine”); Antonio Sarnelli, Baritone / Natasha Apollinsky; actress and singer Anna Capasso who introduced her new song “L’estate about us” (very popular and rotating on Most Italian radios), Sid Tamura Romeo Barbaro and then Francesca Marisca, Jenny Nognese and Cinzia Mirabella.

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University Class Academies
GPS (Spot)
Parthenope University (Prof. Sa Marisa Ivaroni)
First: Messingji
Francesca Speciale (Master Cinema Sister Orsola Prof. Sergio Scoppetta)
Second: hope
Academy of Fine Arts (Professor Palumbo)
Third: The game gives you freedom
Academy of Fine Arts (Professor Palumbo)

Class Associations and Nannies
First: Milanorca
Opera Don Guanilla Multifunctional Day Center
Second: Enough now
Third: In the middle of the lands
Roswell Film Cultural Association

movie maker category
Search within the United States (Spot)
Annalisa manager
First: dinner with delivery
Cinzia Loveredoo
Two: Christmas
Cinzia Loveredoo
Third: I am ADA
Cinzia Loveredoo
Third: Migration towards the sun
Eduardo Trenchez

Secondary schools first and second grade school category
The first secondary one: the value of work
IC “Falcone e Borsellino” (Pietramelara)
Professor Pasqualina Silito
First Secondary Second °: Gutem
Scientific High School “Leonardi Da Vinci” (Trentola Ducenta) Professor Alfredo Ruffo
Secondary secondary secondary: ITERATE

Galileo Galilei High School (Pedemonte Matese)
Professor Luca Matrosinc
Violence causes secondary violence °:
ITIS Don Geremia Piscopo (Arzano)
Professor Rino Fortunato

Awarded out of competition:
1) I’m sorry, but it’s closed – Enzo Karu
2) The Prisoner – Leonardo Bonetti
3) We won’t leave you alone – DAVID GUIDA

Prize of the People’s Jury in Naples: School project – IIS DON GEREMIA PISCOPO, Arzano.
Ercolano Popular Jury Prize: Together to Save the World – INN OF EMMAUS
Art and Culture Prize: Victor Il Dande – Antonio Sarnelli de Silva, Cosmo de Mille

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