Older brother Phip was seen arguing with Alex Bailey and Delia Doran. Looks like the actor’s wife hit him with a suitcase

After the VIP elder brother is disqualified, a report arrives about the actor and his wife.

In the wake of the stormy episode of big brother vip who were punished disqualificationThere are a lot of people watching their eyes Alex Bailey That in the reality study, Mediaset announced that it will do everything in its power to reunite Delia’s wife.

Older brother Phip, Alex Bailey and Delia Duran were seen arguing in Rome. Looks like the actor’s wife hit him with a suitcase

the Husband Today he was seen at Rome’s Termini station ready, presumably to leave for Milan, the city in which they live Alex and Delia. Today, two reports have reached the popular influencer from Campania Dianera Marzano who shared it instantly on Instagram Stories. In the second view, inform the user Marzano to witness a The alleged scene that Delia Duran could have introduced to Alex Bailey in a hotel. Looks like she hit the actor with a suitcase.

In short, it seems that there is still a very tense atmosphere between the two of them and that reconciliation is still a long way off, at least for the time being. Alex He will be a guest in the studio on the next date with Big Brother Vip aired on Friday 17th December And the following, of course, for this occasion will explain how things are going Delia.

Meanwhile, they have entrenched themselves on their social networks in religious silence. regarding Soleil rise Instead, her reaction was clearly visible to all of the previous suitors who were still prying eyes. sleep targets you. The influencer said, in the last few hours, that she was disappointed but for a simple friendship in which she felt betrayed. Soleil She added, once again, that she had a man with whom she still felt deeply attached.

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