Direct Russo-Ukrainian War – Moscow vs. Biden: “Relationships Are Close to Fragment”. US skeptical of China: ‘Nothing stops the conflict’

Direct Russo-Ukrainian War – Moscow vs. Biden: “Relationships Are Close to Fragment”.  US skeptical of China: ‘Nothing stops the conflict’

Zelensky: “I spoke to Macron on the occasion of the summit on the 24th”

“I talked to Macron and other leaders. We are coordinating our position before the March 24 summit.” Thus, the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyday 26 inventory of the war.

Deputy Prime Minister: “More than 8,000 people have been evacuated”

“more than 8 thousand people It has been evacuation Today from the combat zones. ” This was stated by the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine at the daily briefing to journalists Irina Vereshuk. “Of the eight humanitarian corridors that were activated, 7 were operational – he explained -: in one case, Russian forces shot at a bus convoy and the evacuation had to be stopped”

“9861 dead Russian soldiers”: the figure published (and later deleted) by the pro-Kremlin newspaper

there Komsomolskaya PravdaA pro-Kremlin daily reported that, according to the Moscow Defense Ministry, they will be “9.861 The Russian soldiers deceased“Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine and 16,153 were wounded.” He writes it on Moscow Times. The information was included in an article published on the site on Sunday evening, and is still accessible online but is currently modified, and no longer refers to default numbers Of the victims, as reported Yaroslav Trofimovchief of foreign correspondents The Wall Street Journal.

Kyiv negotiator: “We will not accept concessions on territorial integrity”

Kyiv will not accept without agreement Onland unit and on sovereignty Ukraine. Ukrainian negotiator says so Michael Podolac In the BBC. Podolak says that Ukrainian resistance to the invasion forced Russia to “better assess the reality” of the situation, which helped encourage “a kind of a dialogue“.

US: ‘Nothing from China is stopping the war’

“there China It is the country with the most influence on Russia so you can do that do more to end the war. We haven’t seen any of this yet, we just heard formulationsThe US State Department spokesperson said, Ned Pricein a press briefing.

USA: “Putin’s plan has stopped, and now it has stopped”

“President Putin was his planExpect the conquest of Kyiv in a few hours if not days. But it has been discontinued resistance of the Ukrainians and his forces I stoppedThe US State Department spokesperson said, Ned Priceduring the press conference. “This is a war Larger For Russia and Ukraine, there are universal principles at stake that Putin has tried to violate, among them sovereignty a country to determine its foreign policy and its alliances.

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United States: “Inadmissible comments from Moscow”

US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan He demanded that Moscow follow international law and conventions and allow its consulate to access all Americans detained in Russia. A US State Department spokesperson said, Ned PriceAt a press conference in response to a question about the Kremlin’s recall of the diplomat. “What Moscow said to our ambassador, we must ask the Kremlin,” the spokesman said, describing what was “unbelievable” to hear.Unacceptable comments By a country committing violence Horrible on civilians.”

Biden: “The danger of a Russian cyber attack”

USA President Joe Biden Back to warning of dangers Russian cyber attacks against the United States of America. “Today I repeat this alert based on information from intelligence“The Russian government is exploring the possibility of carrying out cyber attacks,” Biden wrote in a tweet.

Zelensky: “Any agreement with Moscow will be subject to a referendum”

Any possible agreement with Russia must be subject to Referendum in Ukraine. The chief said that Volodymyr Zelenskyaccording to what tax.

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