What happens to those who don’t pay it? The real dangers that you may not know about

What happens to those who don’t pay it?  The real dangers that you may not know about

Failure to pay the Rai license fee for all intents and purposes could be considered tax evasion. Here is what we face in these cases

The revenue agency can immediately step in and impose heavy penalties on those who have not kept up with payments.

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The Rai license fee It is one of the best known and indigestible taxes for Italians. Over the years, many tried to refrain from paying it, but for some time it became difficult to circumvent it.

In fact, it goes straight to the home’s electricity bill. Usually the charge 9 euro Monthly from January to October Who gets it every month? Whoever surrenders all 2 months, the fee is 18 euros per invoice. Regardless of the two situations, The annual amount is always 90 euros.

Unpaid Rai license fees: The consequences can be very dire

The only legal way to prevent taxation is to send it torevenue agency Self-certification of non-detention. In doing so, the citizen claims that he does not have any kind of TV at home.

In almost all other cases, discounts are not allowed (Click here for other situations where you can avoid paying Rai license fees.) This is the reason why the receivable must be paid to avoid serious problems.

The tax If he makes sure not to pay, he can make the necessary investigations and apply the consequences Penalties Where it turns out that the citizen is in fact non-compliant. You risk a fine of up to 6 times the amount of the same fee, or up to 540 euros.

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Another circumstance is the invalidity of the declaration of non-alternative detention. In these cases, the Articles 75 and 76 of Republican Decree No. 445 of 2000which provides for the application Penal Code For false declarations and false documents. It also forfeits any benefits granted.

So the evasion of a file RAI ترخيص License Like any other country non-payment of taxes It could have dire consequences. In short, before proceeding to the positions of “Cunning” It is advisable to stop and think about what can arise, which certainly does not lead to anything good and reasonable.

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