Real Madrid – Juventus 2-0: Benzema with a penalty kick, then Asensio double. Juventus only lasts for a while | first page

Real Madrid – Juventus 2-0: Benzema with a penalty kick, then Asensio double.  Juventus only lasts for a while |  first page

Real Madrid claimed their first win of this round in the USA and Juventus instead their first defeat. The Bianconeri make mistakes more often and at a much lower pace than the European champions. The match is balanced for a while, the match is fragmented, but Juventus is holding out. At first, only the crossbar prevented Bonucci’s free kick, but Real passed in the 19th minute: Benzema took care of it with a penalty, which Danilo caused on Vinicius after the Juventus full-back always found himself unwilling to pass was a bit like that. by Vlahovich. In the second half, there is only Real, Perin saves everything on Carvajal and Benzema, but after entering Real 2, the speed becomes unsustainable for Juventus and Asensio doubles in the 68th minute.

Real Madrid – Juventus 2-0
Tags: point 19′ Benzema platform; 23 ‘Asensio Street.
Real Madrid (4-3-3): Courtois; Carvajal (18′ st Vazquez), Militao (1′ st Rudiger), Alaba (18′ st Nacho), Mendy (18′ st Vallejo); Modric (18 Ceballos Street), Casemiro (18 Chuamini Street), Kroos (18 Chuamini Street); Valverde (18 Asensio), Benzema (18 Hazard), Vinicius (18 Sant Rodrigo).
Available: Lunin, Canizares, Odriozola, Mariano Diaz, Latasa.
Ancelotti flocks.
Juventus (4-3-3): Perrin (25 Pinsolio Street); Danilo (31′ st Barbieri), Bonucci (19′ st Gatti), Bremer (25′ st Rugani), Alex Sandro (25′ st Pellegrini); Zakaria, Locatelli (31′ st Cudrig), Fagioli (19′ st Rovella); Di Maria (1′ Quadrado), Vlahovic (19′ Aki Saint, 25′ Saint Soleil), Kane (31′ Saint da Graca).
Available: carnation.
Allegri herds.
Warning: 38’st Asensio.


1′- Get ready and Real scores with Benzema, but Valverde is offside

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10′ – 1st ring Juventus, on the left Kane and Alex Sandro advance, then Vlahovic tries to put his head in it but does not find the strength

12′- Bonucci’s Cross! Fagioli gets a free kick, the captain goes to the ball and hits the corner post.

19′ – a real goal! Benzema does not forgive a penalty kick, a penalty earned by Vinicius who publishes Danilo. The Brazilian full-back was caught not ready to pass Vlahovic back

42 ‘ – Vinicius heads to the right, the ball is off the net.

44 ‘ Di Maria’s corner kick, Bremer expects everyone but a header bounced back from Kane.

the other half

1 ‘ – Juventus’ first change outside Di Maria and inside Cuadrado. Real change too: there is Rudiger for Militao.

14′- Great job by Real Madrid, the drafting leads Carvajal to kick from a good position but Perin blocks his way.

17′ – Stunning Perin on his left hand around Benzema, the goalkeeper gets there with his fingertips: What a save!

23′ – A real goal! Juventus is in trouble, Hazard dictates the times, Vallejo from the left catches a very free Asensio who scores the empty goal. Real – JUVE 2-0

40′ Watching Juve again: Rovilla to Barbieri, but neither Codrigue nor da Graca find the touch in front of goal.

46 ‘ – He finished 2-0.

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