Incendiary close-up on generous figures, latest provocation – Libero Quotidiano

New year … old life, at least Arissasinger and winner Dancing with the Stars Which, as it is known, has been rediscovering its beauty and delicacy for quite some time (since last year, to be exact). And Rosalba Pippa, this is the name of the recorded artist, which beauty and sensuality decided to show off. For example, on Instagram.

And the last photo, posted a few hours ago, is there to prove it. “I want to learn to love. Last thought before bed‘” Arisa wrote shortly before going to bed, all accompanied by the shoot. Here is a very close-up shot of the very blonde Arisa, who is still wearing makeup despite her impending sleep. The singer shows herself wearing what looks like a black bra, a photo that gives ample space “To display” is somewhat taboo on the very generous forms of Arisa.

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