Louis Vuitton and the new nomads, between science and nature – Corriere.it

Louis Vuitton and the new nomads, between science and nature – Corriere.it
from Paula Polo

In San Diego, the show lit up the sunset over the ocean. Ghesquire, designer: Here is an incredible calm, how many aesthetics in one place

As soon as the sunset show begins, as well as from the dawn of history, the show begins. Nicolas Gesquiere From speech, nature gives way and he follows. Display Cruze 2023 Louis Vuitton And so it magically relates to its surroundings: that Salk Institute for Biological Studies which was built in the early sixties of Louis KahnLos Angeles jolajust outside San DiegoemploymentOcean. A kind of monastery (but inside there is a lab after another), modern and brutal, made of concrete and wood, the architect wanted to connect with the place to symbolize science on one side and nature on the other. . Thus, the inner courtyard has a central fountain that perfectly aligns with the sunset. This is the reason for the exact moment: When everything warm turns yellow, orange and red. The sun – as the designer says – is the guest of honor of this show.

models like modern nomadsheroines a dunes Rewritten in a stylistic vocabulary of fashion, I break into the tall catwalk, winding its way from ocean to gray square. I’ve been there two years ago and was thrilled. I found here an incredible calm and harmony as if nature and science had entered into harmony – he continues -. Then we approach the Mexican border, further Silicon Valley And… next door is Coronadothe legendary hotel where Marlin Monroe gear Some like it hot. How many aesthetics in one place: crazy collage. It’s crazy of course, but also that being free is something different, even if it’s because of the fact of hanging between one day that goes away and another day that will come. Imagine, that’s what. for example Women with different personalitieswho roam the world and also tell each other through clothes, which are no longer just one colour, but many colours.

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I didn’t do anything black, just thinking about this explains the designer staging the show starting with a series of protective gear, thinking about the desert and the need to find shelter from the sun. Anyway, sizes are always smooth and never shrink by virtue of freedom mentioned above which today certainly can not be denied. Curtains are refunds. If necessary, it can be disassembled with the system of hooks. But without the dictates and trends, here are hieratic, formal, important dresses that definitely don’t overshadow shorts, midi or puffy shorts, underwear.

Sun reflections everywhere, sudden and always different flashes (because the lighting is never the same) that blind: now in an A-line dress, now in a box, now in a leather blouse. For the first time Without tricks or deceptions: No technical effect on fabrics. For the first time, after several seasons, the materials were left in their natural state: flax, silk and cotton, for the most part, in search of effect without collage or heat sealant. The result, after avoiding artwork, is more brutal than futuristic, staying true to the theme chosen by Ghesquire. Desert boots, sneakers, and mules have small solar panels on their heels to capture energy, and so on in some bags.

At the top, but not only: Parade Lauren Wasser With her golden prosthetic legs and Olympians Eileen Joe and Delilah Muhammad To tell the truth, it is hard to see that they are doing anything else by way of trade. in the front row a Rawabi de RuaBut Los Angeles A stone’s throw from here Lea Seydoux, Emma Roberts, Phoebe Denivore, Chloe Moretz, Ana de Armas, Miranda Kerr. Princesses and queens: there are too Arnault DelphineDaughter of LVMH Patron and Vice President of Louis Vuitton. Ghesquire steps out to gather applause and is behind the California sunset at its best: Why not share these wonders with everyone? I’m a fashion designer of course, but I think it’s right to travel and discover, to show everyone, with our personality work experienceEven these other stories and cultures are, indeed, like this one, from the Salk Institute.

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