Stock markets and Europe fall on inflation fears. Oil jumps and the spread climbs

Stock markets and Europe fall on inflation fears.  Oil jumps and the spread climbs

(El Sol 24 Raw Radiocor) Concerns about inflation in the United States, the resulting Fed moves, and the very high tension in the Middle East, are keeping financial markets under pressure, especially stock markets that have been in the red since the beginning of the session. As oil heats up and spread rises, the increase in industrial production in the eurozone in August did not provide relief to price lists. Below the FTSE MIB indicator In Afari Square as well CAC 40 Paris, DAX 40 frankfurt,Ex Amsterdam andIbex 35 Madrid. Wall Street futures are also falling as the first quarterly results of major US companies arrive: Asset management giant Blackrock showed 13% growth in profits, beating expectations, and JpMorgan reported net profits of $13.2 billion in the third quarter, a notable figure. Improvement compared to last year. During the day, all eyes will be on the annual meeting of the IMF and World Bank in Marrakesh, which will feature, among other things, participation. European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde, The G20 meeting of finance ministers and central bank governors will be held over the weekend.

Banks in the spotlight at Afari Square

In Milan it stands out Bob Air Bank He was rewarded with a recommendation from Barclays analysts. Oil prices are rising Eni, Tenaris And Saipem Who benefit from the new rise in oil prices due to the war in Israel. Telecom Italia It rises two days before the deadline for KKR’s binding network infrastructure bid. level MPS BankThis is what Barclays also rewarded when Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti confirmed the Treasury’s desire to exit capital, explaining that this would happen when the price and market conditions were “right.” Among the stocks most affected by sales are asset management companies such as: Generali Bank, Fincobank And azimuth. bad DiasorinWhich was affected by the profit warning in the German Sartorius Group sector. Down too David Campari He was punished by a report by Oddo Bhf analysts

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Crude oil rises sharply, and the dollar strengthens

Oil prices rose by more than 3%, bringing the price of Brent crude in December to $89 per barrel, and West Texas Intermediate crude in November to about $87 per barrel. Natural gas in Amsterdam is very volatile: after exceeding €55 per MWh, prices slowed to 52.8 (-0.4%). The dollar is getting stronger and is trading at 1.051 to one euro. The spread is back above 200.

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