In Milan, a children’s exhibition will make you fall in love with science

In Milan, a children’s exhibition will make you fall in love with science

Mothers, Milan is turning into a laboratory of curiosities and discoveries to explore the laws of the universe! We take you to discover “Scientopolis”, the interactive exhibition to experience science as a real adventure

Are you ready to experience an amazing journey in science with your children and mothers?

From October 14 to January 28, 2024 Arrives in Milan Sintopoils: Science City, An exciting interactive journey suitable for the whole family. TBetween interactive machines, science experiments, illusions, mud rivers, amazing selfies and virtual experiments, Visitors young and old will be able to experience and explore scientific concepts in an engaging and fun way.

Exhibition Offers An educational experience Which stimulates interest in science and research. All activities are designed to be accessible and engaging Children, teenagers and adults You can learn and interact with various scientific topics in an active and comprehensive way.

During the visit you can try an experience moon Gravity, Like one Tesla coil 3 million volts Who throws lightning bolts 5 meters away and immerses himself in Virtual Reality to Travel from the Big Bang to Earth’s near future.

But not only! Thanks to the future system Virtual Reality It will be possible to relive the journey at sea and Watch the Titan submarine explode, She sank while diving nearby Titanic.

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Discover physics, chemistry, biology and astronomy

The exhibition is divided into Four thematic areas, Each of them provides Routes, interactive activities and guided tours.

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  • there Department of physics Displays The forces of the universe (sounds, vibrations, light and colours) It provides the opportunity to experience directly Laws of motion and gravity With original pendulums and fun pendulums.
  • The section dedicated to astronomy concentrate sOn the moon and on the planets Solar System: Inflatable installation recreates the experience Danger lunar, Allowing visitors to immerse themselves in an environment similar to that of the moon. You can leave Discovery of a fictional lunar colony and landscape observation through 3D reconstruction.
  • Section from chemistry It is presented through the use of Slime: Seven stations allow you to experience and understand, through practical activities, How basic emotions work chemically (disgust, anger, joy, fear, surprise, sadness).
  • Finally there Department dedicated to biology, This is telling The evolution of life on Earth Through exhibitions and virtual reality.

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information: You can visit the exhibition From Wednesday to Sunday From 10.00 am to 7.00 pm (last entry at 6.00 pm) at Ventura Space (via Privata Giovanni Ventura 15, Lambrate). the tickets (Virtual experiences included) On sale at 16 euros full and 14 discounted For children from 5 to 12 years old.

Have we got you interested, moms? If you visit the gallery (or find new ones to suggest) tag us in your photos on Instagram, we are always happy!

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