June 7, 2023

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Danger is around the corner

It is a good idea to be very careful when making card payments at many commercial establishments because the risk is always right around the corner.

Among the most popular and used payment tools, pay attention to a certain feature of yours ATM That could be used to steal money without your knowledge.

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The money It is not synonymous with happiness, but it proves, without a doubt, to be useful in the most diverse circumstances. As we all know, in fact, there are many times when we are asked to put our hand in the wallet. But not only that, there are also many different payment tools to choose from. In addition to money In fact, more and more people prefer choosing to use other tools.

Among these could include, for example, ATM. Well, just delving into the latter invites you to always push the limit Be careful when making card payments at many companies Because danger is always around the corner. But what is this? So let’s get into the details and see all there is to know about it.

ATMs, watch out for card payments at businesses: What you need to know

We have already had the opportunity to see together how it is necessary to give the maximum Be careful when making ATM withdrawals, especially on FridayWhere the multiplication is always around the corner. But not only that, in this context we always invite you to be very careful even when creating a file Card payments in various businesses. But what is it and above all for what reason?

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Well, in this regard, it must be remembered, first of all, that various credit institutions decided to create Limit within which the PIN should not be entered to authorize the payment. Until then, this amount was equal to 25 euros, while today many institutions allow you to take advantage of this function for Payments up to 50 EUR.

Very easy and fast payment method, however you should pay close attention. This is because some Scammers take advantage of Wi-Fi devices Through which they were able to extort money from the miserable person on duty through small transactions amounting to 50 euros.

An undoubtedly unpleasant situation, however, is defensible. For this purpose, for example, it is recommended to use avatars RFID-protected card holder or wallet. It is good to know that the latter is able to create a kind of barrier and prevent a person from reading their card from a distance.