Development of Witcher 4 “Polaris” is now well underway

Development of Witcher 4 “Polaris” is now well underway

Development of the next The Witcher game, codenamed Polaris, is now at full speed: CD Projekt RED confirmed this in the last few hours, in the last quarterly meeting with investors. Currently, the Polish studio has more than 400 developers dedicated to the project, out of a total workforce of around 600. Officially, this stage is considered pre-production, with the aim of going into production in the second half of the year; Of course, it's still too early to have any idea of ​​when the game will be released. We remind you that based on what is known so far it will mark the beginning of a new trilogy of the series inspired by the stories of Andrzej Sapkowski, with a different protagonist than the legendary Geralt of Rivia.

The hope is that loading it will take less time than Cyberpunk 2077; In this case there were many difficulties related to the proprietary graphics engine, RED Engine, and its poor ability to adapt to new technologies, but now the group has moved to Unreal Engine, which, on paper at least, are more diverse, better maintained and documented. Conversely, changing a critical component of the development chain such as a graphics engine can itself present challenges and complications.

However, as you can see from the chart above, the rest of CDPR's staff is spread across several long-term projects. We have about fifty works on Orion, the codename for the sequel to Cyberpunk 2077, which will be followed by the new CDPR studio located in the USA, specifically in Massachusetts. Company promises A more “cinematic” title From its predecessor, a true fusion between cinema and video games.

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Then there are just under forty involved in that Sirius, a multiplayer game set in the world of The Witcher whose development will primarily be followed by outside studio, The Molasses' Flood. Finally, about two dozen developers are moving the first stones regarding Hadar, a game about which very little is known at the moment and which will inaugurate a new intellectual property.

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