Kvaratskhelia injury, at the last minute comes from Castel Volturno: the decision was made in favor of Napoli-Atalanta

Kvaratskhelia injury, at the last minute comes from Castel Volturno: the decision was made in favor of Napoli-Atalanta

News about Kvaratskhelia comes directly from Castel Volturno. The Georgian's conditions in light of the upcoming Napoli and Atalanta match.

Naples-Atalanta He approaches, and in the Blue House the desire to discover the circumstances increases Khvicha Kvarstastkhelia Towards the championship rematch after the break. In particular, in fact, the Georgian footballer scored one goal Strong contraction of the thigh After the historic Euro 2024 qualifying match between Georgia and Greece, the team held a personal training session on 28 March. Thanks to the new report released by SSC Napoli regarding today's session, New updates Then they reached the physical position of Kavara.

Kvaratskhelia is still aside, the latest towards Napoli-Atalanta

The race against time continues at home Naplesto try to get it Khvicha Kvaratskhelia For a basic match in the classification, such as Maradona's match against himAtalanta. According to what the Napoli team reported, via a statement on social media, the Georgian was also going to play today Personal training sessiondivided between Work in the gym and field work. Conditions thus improved, but less than 24 hours before the start of the match, it was very difficult to see the number 77 on his left wing on the pitch. Below is the report written by: SSC Naples On the work done today inKonami SSCN Training center:

Towards Naples and Atalanta: conditions in Kvaratskhelia
More work dedicated to Kvaratskhelia: Towards Naples-Atalanta (La Presse) – SpazioNapoli.it

“The team worked in Field 2 to start the session with activation.

It is then matched to a short field.

Concluding the session with a tactical artwork.

Kvaratskhelia conducted personal training in the gym and on the field.”

“Kvaratskhelia exit,” confirmation comes from Sky

As he said, look Kvaratskhelia On the field againstAtalanta It was difficult even in the face of the arrival of news of recovery from Castel Volturno. If what he reported SSC Naples However, in the usual press release, he hinted at a glimmer of hope, and here comes the exciting addition from before sky. Journalist Francesco Modunoconnected directly from outside the SSCN Konami Training Center, has in fact announced that Kvaratskhelia He will be out of the game Against Atalanta, with this decision already taken by the Napoli club. “There will be no infidelity“, Actually announced ModonioBefore telling what the Georgian player did during the day.

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His desire to try was there, but in the end he had to give up: he did not succeed and he will not be on the pitch against Atalanta.“, Latest addition by journalist sky. So there is room for them Ballot cards In Naples, in the absence of Caffara, who scored two wonderful goals in his career against the Nerazzurri. Lindstrom, Raspadori H Traoré Possible alternatives to be explored for Mr. Calzona.

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