PS5 sells well, Xbox Series sells well, Nintendo Switch sells well, isn’t that good for everyone? –

As often happens with the change of the year, even in these early days of 2022, the first data on sales of consoles began to appear during the Christmas period. Without making it too long, we can sum it up in seraphic: they’re all fine, dolls included. Nintendo Switch It seems to have achieved excellent results, despite having been on the market for several years, PS5 This is so good and desirable that Sony can’t keep up with the demand, mainly due to the semiconductor crisis, and has even stepped up PS4 production to ease the situation. the Xbox Series Both are in excellent health, despite Xbox Series X inventory difficulties, and Phil Spencer said they’re selling better than previous Xbox consoles, a claim that has led analysts to talk of 13 million consoles sold.

In short, it is an ideal scenario for the traditional video game industry, which makes it breathe a little in the face of the advancement of the mobile sector and other emerging sectors, showing an unpredictable vitality. This simple consideration should be enough to delight everyone, even those without certain devices. instead of…

Instead, every time a positive sales number is reported for a particular brand, presentations trying to scale it down immediately begin to dodge at each comma only to show that the situation is less rosy than it seems. There are even those who come to question the data provided by companies that have been active in the market for decades, such as GfK or NPD, in order not to admit that the “enemy”, apparently only perceived, may have gone well.

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Which leads to these people asking what would go into their pockets if their “competition” consoles failed. Let’s say PlayStation closes its doors tomorrow and starts producing colorful socks, or Microsoft abandons the video game market by switching the Xbox brand to Office clip art, or Nintendo goes back to running history houses and producing cards, these guys what advantages would a destination Economic and humanitarian view?

If they were middlemen betting a company’s bankruptcy their hatred would also be understandable, but speaking of entertainment, knowing that the console that wasn’t picked (for whatever reason, they’re all legitimate as far as we’re concerned) made a bad ending, what does that mean? for their lives? Will it improve in any way?

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