Samantha Cristoforetti, from astronaut to “Muse Stellar”

Samantha Cristoforetti, from astronaut to “Muse Stellar”

In addition to being the first woman at the European Space Agency, Samantha has become the “star of Moses”, an inspiration to many companies around the world.

Born in 1977, she is an astronaut, pilot, woman, companion and mother of two adorable children. Samantha’s life leaves nothing out, a full life since she was a teenager. One of her best friends and a classmate at the Linguistic High School in Bolzano, she remembers her as the girl who entered class whistling and always fascinated by everything she met on her way.

Samantha Cristoforetti (web image)

His interests were not only in science and technology Samantha was a book eater Also from the humanities. He had a special gift In learning different languages: English, German, Russian, French and now challenges himself with Chinese!

Samantha, an all-Italian pride, also finds time for her hobbies. Despite his intense career both on and off the ground Can find time for hiking, snorkeling, caving, swimming, weights, running and yogaa “Wonderful Woman”?

But no, she only has one Excellent understanding with her husbanda fellow aerospace engineer replaces her on the tour while she’s away Raise it for what are your daily wild activities!

Samantha faces a different challenge every day, especially for her profession that often puts her at great risk. And‘A woman does not define herself as very brave and strong but The one who overcomes fear by confronting it.

Samantha, space inspiration

This unusual personality led her to be so Inspiration for different companies around the worldLet’s see in detail: the famous Mattel, an American toy companysecond only to Lego in terms of turnover, She made the Barbie that she represents.

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It happened on the occasion of the International Day of Girls and Girls, and the doll is called Barbie Oak (one of a kind). Samantha was chosen to educate future women that they can make all their dreams come true.

Samantha Cristoforetti (web image)
Samantha Cristoforetti (web image)

Inspired by Samantha in 2015 L ‘International Astronomical Union Which approved the proposal to christen an asteroid discovered in 1998 by Giuseppe Forte and Maura Tombelli at the headquarters of Cima Ekar at the Padua Astronomical Observatory. The asteroid 15006 is called Samcristoforetti.

in 2016Instead, another dedication is dedicated to the astronaut,”lizard for samantha “, a mixture of spontaneous orchids born in Salento and published by the national magazine GIROS

In short, she is a woman who manages to do great things every day even if her feet aren’t always on the ground. A lot of times he “has his head in the clouds” but we’re all proud of him! Smart, kind, educated, humble and helpful, she was and always will be our extraordinary “star of Moses”.

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