The most incredible function of WhatsApp: few know it, but it is very useful

The most incredible function of WhatsApp: few know it, but it is very useful

Whatsapp always knows how to amaze its users and also in this case it launched a function that is not well known until now, but it really makes a difference.

You may not have heard of it because I arrived a few days ago But it is certainly already active on your smartphone as well (however, it is important to always update the application so as not to miss the latest news).

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In times of intense competition such as the current competition with Instagram that wants to intensify communication via chat, Facebook that does not give up on the bones, cable Which emphasizes more and more on groups, that the company has even had to deal with some innovations to finally give users great but simple systems that nevertheless allow to improve the overall service.

The best feature of Whatsapp is now a reality

Not all the best and basic functions are the most incredible, sometimes it takes very little to be able to satisfy user requests and in the end WhatsApp chose to do so. One of the big changes has to do with finally being able to connect to multiple devices at the same time with the same number but the package is already complete.

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Among these stands out the function in File simplicity It’s definitely the best thing that can reach users, it’s chatting with your contact. Now it will be possible to start talking to your phone number for different types of communication and track something you need right away.

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How to activate this new setting

Go up first WhatsApp And open a chat, in the space type the text followed by your mobile phone number. Click enter and that’s it: at this point a Whatsapp chat will appear where you can “talk” to yourself and send messages, reminders and files. This function can also be activated differently or when sharing a photo, by clicking directly on Whatsapp, your name will appear in the contacts (if you don’t see it, just look in the magnifying glass).

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always leave open chat With others you’ll have a way to fix every idea and everything to remember instantly, even faster than notes. It can be a kind of secret archive where you can have practically unlimited space and also in the form of reminders, from a shopping list to the most important things. Also since Whatsapp has the ability to perform live searches, you will be able to track what you have typed at a specific time or for a specific thing at any time.

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