May 31, 2023

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Dom joins the war against Russia with a strange announcement

The war in Ukraine continues and video games come into play. There was a very special announcement from Doom today.

mode in Ukraine It is still very difficult, with millions of people suffering every day and losing something dear every minute. From the safe, “normal” life to the death of a friend or relative, passing through the destruction of all that was once called home. The interest of the whole world is very high in this sense and they are trying to support the Ukrainian people in the best possible way, through humanitarian aid and what kind of support can be sent.

Dom joins the war against Russia with a strange announcement

Well, the video game industry hasn’t stood still, and while it might seem like something that has nothing to do with a military conflict, things are quite different. Think Official application from the Ukrainian government to Playstation and Xbox to join the war against Russia.

Romero announced Doom 2 DLC to help Ukraine

And while many developers are trying to raise funds to make donations to the Ukrainian people, the death He does the same thing, but in a very special way. The father of the video game, the famous developer and lead designer John Romerowhich he founded, among other things Software ID and created Earthquake And the Wolfenstein 3DHe decided to contribute in his own way.

Doom 2 One Humanity DLC
Doom 2 One Humanity DLC

release A new level of Doom 2. The relevant level is called one humanity It was developed by Romero to raise funds for Ukraine. Level costs in question 5.00 EUR Every cent raised will be donated to humanitarian aid for the war zone on the border with Russia. DLC can be purchased herewe advise you to do this: enjoying playing video games and helping others at the same time is really too much to refuse.

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