Denials and Tensions The Hypothesis of the Attack on Pope Francis

there Ghost document On the Next conclave that American conservative websites They conjure persistently. And he was talking aboutElection of the next pope By basics But with the addition of a percentage 25% of ordinary people: The grandmother that refers toThe last synodthe gathering in which he created the presence of a non-religious component Doubts and some bad mood.

The problem is that it is not clear whether this document actually exists, or is instead the result of a disinformation campaign to attack it FrancisThis world criticized her above all for her governmental methods: the last case, the announced action against American and traditional cardinal Edmund Burke, who will be deprived of his salary and Vatican apartment because of his persistent criticism of the Argentine pope.

This controversial initiative came after two American sites, Column And The restThey talked at the beginning of November about “document” In great detail. The fact is that the alleged editor, Cardinal Gianfranco GhirlandaThe Pope’s trusted legal expert immediately denied that he had written or had any news of those documents, as specified. “Inventions”. But the grumbling persisted to such an extent that it prompted the cardinal to provide further explanation. “It’s a lie – Gerlanda Al confirms courier – I am preparing a document about the secret meeting. It is a mistake that I met with the Pope to discuss the matter. The truth is that I don’t know anything about thatI was never asked for an opinion. I’m not involved. If something is developed elsewhere, I am not aware of it…”

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In the papal circle one can guess Certain anxiety. And not so much for the episode itself, but rather the hostility that this episode and others radiate towards it Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Influential sectorsAmerican Episcopalian The traditional academic world wants to adopt the image of a pope who has been around for about a year, After the death of Benedict XVIIt would have highlighted the concentration of power in parallel, in their view, with a harsh crackdown on critics. The dissatisfaction of this series swelled from Consiore to Consiore: by now, 99 of the 137 cardinal electors had been appointed by Francis. According to his opponents. This would reveal intent Prepare the results of the future conclave. but sheQuestionable accusationIf not effective: everyone, and the Pope first and foremost, knows that the dynamics taking place in the Sistine Chapel are capable of refuting any prediction.

Apparently they suggested one to Ghirlanda Official denialBut the cardinal preferred not to do so so as not to amplify the issue created by “a group from the American Church.” The canon is limited to repeating and strengthening its explanations. However, one of the people very close to Bergoglio criticizes “the dishonesty of those who come to these people.” Lies to discredit the Pope». He sees “the work of the evil one who wants to divide the Church with lies.” Pointing to Satan is a way to sound the ultimate alarm. But it also says how much The topic risks becoming incendiary In a polarized Catholic world and with the papacy now in its eleventh year. When November 4 site Column After the first article was published, the alarm in Rome was immediate.

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A few hours later, another conservative newspaper appeared online, The rest It relaunched the indiscretion of a document for «revolution» The electoral system of the Secret Council, the picture has become clearer. The site claimed that it was in Fictitious document drafts Existence “25% of the laity, men, women and nuns”cited Gherlanda, who Immediate denial It was of little use. Doubt crept into her. The simultaneous measures taken against Cardinal Burke exacerbated a state of turmoil in the Vatican that has not yet subsided. In fact, the rules for secret meetings have also changed in the past.

As he pointed out essencean American newspaper specializing in Vatican affairs, said that “three of Francis’s four predecessors” had already changed the rules: starting with Paul VIWhich excluded those over eighty from voting and limited the total number of “voters” to 120. But the belief that these precedents will be enough to stop the attacks is an illusion. The topic is that one The polarized church, which Francis struggles to unite. Recently, there are those who have secretly criticized the decision that was made Restoration of the monastery where Benedict XVI had retired after Waiver 2013. Some nuns will go to live there: thus returning to the original destination. It’s about the second Seely no possuml Benedictine Nuns of Buenos Aires. This was enough to spark malicious rumors against the “Argentine clan.”

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